This Major Character Was Left Out of The Hunger Games

Like so many of you, I’m a fan of the Hunger Games. I devoured all the books over a particularly lazy summer weekend, I’ve seen the movie — and critiqued about it extensively with my friends. And ya know what? The books and the movie both left out a pretty significant character.

I noticed it on my own and didn’t say anything. I mean, this is fiction after all. Authors can take liberties and omit certain…inconvenient…characters. But then I saw a post over at HelloGiggles written by someone wondering the same thing as me: Where the heck did Suzanne Collins hide one of Katniss’ closest acquaintances?

Are you guys picking up what I’m putting down? If so, please tell me you had the same revelation! Where? How? Huh?! (Need to get in the loop, click here and be prepared for your world to change.)

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    1. Airi says:

      That awkward moment when a girl tribute has her period in the arena. I've thought of that too!

    2. Lisa says:

      As it was descriped there are 1/2 % probability that she does have her period at some point.
      That is not correct, if she just had it for a few days, say in the start or end of the games, the probability would be much larger.
      I don't even want to calculate it, because actually mother nature will take care of the problem, stress as we all know can totally change the cycle.

    3. JATL says:

      Something is mentioned in the books or movie or both about the guys being given something that makes them not grow facial hair (or, I would think, experience any of those other nasty testosterone-fueled by products like raging hard-ons or the desire to have sex with another tribute instead of kill her -which also brings to mind that maybe all the guys are given a huge dose of something so that some of the nastier ones don't also rape other tributes -but I digress). Anyway -it's probably also supposed to be understood that the girls are given something that halts their periods. However, they all have to poop and pee at some point, but that's conveniently left out too…

    4. Hannah says:

      You never hear about them going to the bathroom either, doesn't mean it doesn't happen it just means it's not important to the story. I think it would stand out as a very odd thing to put in when it's not being used as part of the story, like providing an awkward coming-of-age moment or something. It's not hard to assume she might not have one because she is starving most of the time.

    5. Maribell says:

      She's talking about Madge.

    6. Curry says:

      There was a part in the book though.. where it is mentioned that she was starving and that whatever pee she passed was deep yellow. It was surely better put.

    7. Curry says:

      But under this thread, aren't we talking about a character that has been missed out rather than a natural thing that hasn't been mentioned?

    8. catherinetheintern says:

      Poor living conditions can cause irregular or infrequent menstruation, same thing goes for extremely stressful situations. Just sayin'.

    9. Becca says:

      I thought of that too. But if we have birth control now that can only give us 3 periods a year, I'm sure in the post-apocolyptic future where they can dye their skin there is something they can do to make it go away.

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