17 Things That Irritate GUYS about GIRLS

I recently wrote an article about things that really irritate women about men. It was easy information to compile, because I practically live at happy hour with the girls, and I work in an office with quite a few women. As it goes, boys make up a good 70% of our conversations. Maybe I’m not proud of that fact, but it is what it is. A lot of my guy friends picked up the piece and thought it contained some pretty useful insight. They also wanted the chance to do ladies the same service. During a night of intramural kickball, I started asking guys in the league what really bugged them most about girls. While I left out some of the more inappropriate comments (ie: girls with shallow vaginas??), I was able to compile a solid list of 17 things that irritate guys about girls.

Enjoy and tell me what you think! Are the boys being fair? Comment below!

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    1. Pearl says:

      "Girls don't need to offer to pay, reach for their purse or insist on splitting the check….."

      Wow really??!!??
      This sort of makes you sound like a rude, gold diggin' hoe!
      Personally i would not feel comfortable having my boyfriend pay for every date we go on,
      we are on student budgets and the odd time we can afford to go out to eat,id always bring money and i assume im paying my own way, unless he sometimes insists on paying for me.
      Just because we're women does not give us a right to expect a free meal!

      1. blah says:

        look at the quotation marks in that sentence…its not what she said..scott…her GUY friend said that.

      2. Virginia says:

        "Hoe"? Really? Come on. I understand your point–though a lot of commenters have pointed out that she was actually referring to what her friend said–but is an insult really necessary?

    2. Janelle says:

      I think the comment was more in the vain of "if they're willing to pay that's great but don't feel so entitled that you can't say thank you"

    3. Meg says:

      "17 things about girls that irritate men" would bea title that made sense.

    4. Nadia says:

      and if tthe guy love you enough he doesnt care if youre listening to taylor swift or one direction he is just gonna have to be strong enough to put up whit it ok

    5. rose says:'s right.we girls should not asked a guy to pay for our meals,unless they insist.

    6. Jennifer says:

      Some of the things might be true, but they are nature. I will keep a bookmark for this list, maybe it helps me with my next relationsship.

    7. Jana K says:

      Some of the things might be true, but they are nature. I will keep a bookmark for this list for my Boyfriend, maybe it helps me with my next relationsship.

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