11 Signs He’s An A-hole! [Dude’s List]

The title pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? I mean, this isn’t exactly rocket science, this is common f*cking sense. Which not everyone is born with or develops. A lot of guys out there are assholes. They are. Certainly EVERYONE has the potential to ACT like an asshole every once in a while. So the question becomes, how do you know if this is who he is or how he’s acting in the moment? There are tons of ways to tell, and it doesn’t take very long to discern. George Carlin claimed you could know within 5 minutes of talking to someone. Here are 11 signs he’s an asshole…

And there you have it, Ladies, 11 signs he’s an a-hole. I’m positive I missed a ton. What do you agree with? Disagree with? Think should have been on the list? Do you have a Top 10 Signs list as well? Fire away in the comments below…oh, and for those of you who think I’m being bias by just singling out the boys…just you wait.

Only funny things are jokes to me,

The Dude



    1. Lisa says:

      The Avengers part is a point of view… You cannot hate a guy because he has an opinion… and btw, I hate the Aventers: the real Hulk character is NOT a hero, he is literally a green monster… Thor is just an insult to Nordic mythology (which is a part of my culture)

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    3. Sara says:

      The fact that the comment bashing The Avengers is rated a -4 is just proof, dude's most likely an ass if he doesn't like if.

    4. Katie Garrity - North Central College says:

      "Thinks he's Holden Caulfield"…uh oh, I think I need to make some life adjustments.

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    6. Rexx says:

      "Believes women shouldn't get free contraception." Ladies, if you're old enough for sex, you're old enough to buy your own supplies (or get your partner to supply 'em). "Free" just means you want someone else to pay.

      1. Rose says:

        Yes, those stupid lazy sluts who just want to have sex all the time but don't want to give up their $400 handbags. It's not like we have an issue with poverty, or that birth control pills are ever used for medical purposes. If they didn't want kids, they should just stop having sex and work a second job. Certainly if those stupid teenagers can't keep their legs shut they deserve a kid as punishment.

    7. Jane says:

      Tony Perkis!

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