6 Actors Who Could Play Christian Grey

If you have not heard about Fifty Shades of Grey yet, I am convinced you live under a rock. All my girlfriends are reading it, and all their moms too! It’s one of the hottest selling novels right now, and most people are wondering one questions: why? And I am about to tell you the answer: kinky sex!

Fifty Shades of Grey is the first erotic fiction novel of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, and follows the story of a relationship between a college graduate named Anastasia Steele and a young business magnate named Christian Grey. Christian Grey is into some pretty kinky stuff and when Anastasia cannot resist  his charms and when she signs over her life to him (seems totally legit), she’s in for a rude sexual awakening. The buzz is swarming about this book, and now there’s talk of a movie deal!

Who could they get to play the perfect Christian Grey? We have some ideas!

Have you guys read Fifty Shades of Grey yet? Who do you think should play the part of Christian Grey? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. Khloe says:

      Ian Somerhalder, definitely :)*

    2. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:


    3. eli says:

      ian ian ian ian ian ian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    4. Ashley says:


    5. Miranda says:

      I feel that Jared Leto fits the part much better than any of these guys honestly.

      1. Abby says:

        Oooh great choice! He would be really good .

      2. Ariel Olivia says:

        Agreed, Jared Leto would be perfect. Has no one seen Hurricane the Film?

    6. Che-Che buretche says:

      Ha, I'm reading it right now (Chapter 17 xD), and may suggest

      Alex Pettyfer or Be Barnes? xDDD :p LOL.

    7. lindsay says:

      ryan gosling obviously

    8. djnemec says:

      Robert Pattison? Considering he's probably the actor the author had in mind…

    9. Irene says:

      Definitely Ian Somerhalder or Henry Cavill— YUM

    10. Mandy says:

      Jason Lewis or Simon Baker !!

      1. Kalon says:

        Excellent choices! Forgot about Jason Lewis…:)

      2. Amber says:

        Good choices, but too old for the part. In the book, he's 27. Dunno if either of these could pull that off… but I like the way you think!

      3. sam says:


    11. Dorotha says:

      most people are wondering one questions: why? And I am about to tell you the answer: kinky sex!

    12. Donna Milne says:

      Alexander Skarsgard would be perfect for the part of christian Grey:)

    13. Dani says:

      James Franco-eh
      Robert Pattinson-No

      The rest of them: YES! Also, William Levy!!!

    14. KRISTIN says:


    15. KRISTIN says:

      to the people who are saying ian should play mr grey…….. have you read the book? ian is in no way built like christian is described! ALEX PETTEYFER IS CHRISTIAN GREY!

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    17. Greed says:

      Joe Manganiello! :>

    18. LaHagela (The Tinkler) says:

      Alex Freaken O'Loughlin……..and use some creative license and let him use his actual aussie accent!

      1. Kat says:

        Yes, yes, I can see him as CG……and let's go with the accent…..all the more exciting!

    19. Pam says:

      My Christian and Ana are Armie Hammer and Emma Watson

    20. Kelly says:

      James Scott without a doubt would be PERFECT!!

    21. tam says:

      Ian Somerhalder hands down

    22. Teri says:

      None of these guys. Although they are great the 1 who should

      play him is Sammy from Supernatural!!!!!!!! Jared all the way

    23. MINA says:


      1. Kathryn says:

        I'm with you on that!

    24. Sarah says:

      Chris Pine as Christian and Lady Gaga or Jennifer Lawrence as Ana.

    25. Jennifer says:

      What about Ryan Gosling? Hunka, Hunka burning love!!!

    26. Anon Y. Mous says:

      Matt Bomer!

    27. Adrieb says:


    28. Jess says:

      Without a doubt, James Scott should play Christian Grey.

    29. Tara says:

      Ian is perfect! His face is exactly how I see Christian.

      If Rob P gets chosen, I will not even watch the movie. It’ll ruin it.

    30. Ian somerhaulder is the only one that even comes close out of these six. The grey eyes are uber important!

      1. Yes!!! His eyes were emphasized over and over again.

    31. Brandye says:

      Julian McManhon from Nip & Tuck. He so hot!!!

    32. christy says:

      wes bentely, who was recently in Hunger Games but I know him from American Beauty… he has the right look and greyish eyes. Also, from the list here out of the 6, i think #4, egglesfield from Something Borrowed is a GREAT choice.

    33. Areo says:

      William Levy!

    34. Marie says:

      Simon Baker definitely.

    35. Charity says:

      You all must google Matt Bomer from White Collar…..absolutely perfect!!! I love all of the six here, but I think they are mostly too old with one or two exceptions…I wouldn't kick any of them out of my bed or anything, ha ha….but they are not right for this role. Can't wait!!

      1. Amber says:

        YES! This! Matt Bomer would be AWESOME. Yes, Ian is…. ok… but Matt has the "too -cool-good-boy look" and we could find some inner demons in him, couldn't we? LOVE this option… can we vote?:)

    36. Either @JAREDLETO or Colin Farrell, two very sexy actors, could play Christian Grey!

    37. Amanda says:

      Christian Bale…hands down, he is almost like it from American Psycho.

    38. Kimberly says:

      To Kristin – I read the book twice and Ian was the guy I had in mind as Christian. I like Simon Baker but think he's too old to play Christian. It's Ian all the way!

    39. susan says:

      Colin Farrell would be the best of these choices but let's hope they could come up with a better selection.

    40. Ashley says:

      i feel like everyone is picking really hot sexy young actors.. but for me when i read fifty shades of see an attractive man but attractive in a different.. he's good looking but its the combination of his confidence, his dominance and his money that give him the unbelievable 'hot' factor'… so while i think the choices above are good (some more then others) i think that Anthony Howard "Tony" Goldwyn would be good. He's got a decent body, got the eye color and he commands that dominance in his acting. plus i find him to be very elusive which Christian grey is in the books. mysterious, holding something back…. but Tony is like 51 which is a set back.. but then again Ana always says he looks so much older because of how troubled he is.. so maybe with the magic of the movies they can do some good make up and get him down a few years.. i don't think he looks 51 either way tho ahah. When you watch him act he's very guarded so i could see it being good for the mood changes and the erotic side of his personality

      and i think his age provides him the 'experienced' look that is really important to the character for the life, money and sex elements of the story.

    41. Ashley says:

      i feel like everyone is picking really hot sexy young actors.. but for me when i read fifty shades of see an attractive man but attractive in a different.. he's good looking but its the combination of his confidence, his dominance and his money that give him the unbelievable 'hot' factor'… so while i think the choices above are good (some more then others) i think that Anthony Howard "Tony" Goldwyn would be good. He's got a decent body, got the eye color and he commands that dominance in his acting. plus i find him to be very elusive which Christian grey is in the books. mysterious, holding something back…. but Tony is like 51 which is a set back.. but then again Ana always says he looks so much older because of how troubled he is.. so maybe with the magic of the movies they can do some good make up and get him down a few years.. i don't think he looks 51 either way tho ahah. When you watch him act he's very guarded so i could see it being good for the mood changes and the erotic side of his personality

    42. Michigander says:

      Sam worthington….

    43. Stacy says:


    44. Kalon says:

      MICHAEL FASSBENDER would be PERFECT for this role!!! He has the steel grey eyes and curly hair that Ana describes re: Christian, over and over. He also did that sexy movie, Shame, in which he was highly commended for his confidence and nerve.

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    46. I would say Ian Somerhalder because of his age and eyes or Robert Patterson.

      1. Kathryn says:

        Remember, CG looks older than 27… they need to select an older actor. I don't like any of the 6…..I simply cannot picture them as CG!

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    48. dragonfly180 says:

      of these guys, ian somerhaulder definitely fits the looks of what i imagine to be christian grey, but i think he'd have to work on being more intense and maybe lowering his voice some if possible. i'm really surprised henry cavill didn't make this list, as he is getting lots of hype from fans of the trilogy.

      someone mentioned jared leto, and i think that is definitely a good possibility. he has the intensity down. he's just a little smaller than i think Fifty would be.

      my favorite pick for this part would be james mcavoy (from atonement, wanted, and xmen: first class), though. he seems mysterious, intense, playful, and gentle all at the same time. he is always running his hands through his hair in interviews, too:)

    49. Shanon says:

      I was thinking Chris Evans.

    50. Amber says:

      None of these do it for me yet… I can picture who I see Christian to be – but I can't find him on google! *lol* In my mind, he's not someone I recognize as a current "hot pick" actor… I did however think that Alexis Bedel (as I saw listed as an alternate somewhere else) would be a pretty awesome pic – but I'm picturing "Rory" from Gilmore girls.. with that kind of personality.

    51. racegirl247 says:

      Ian or Armie Hammer if Robert Downey Jr was a few years younger looking

    52. racegirl247 says:

      Only Ian Somerhalder fits the part out of these options

    53. Definitely not Stewart! Michael Muhney as "fifty" ……perfect!

    54. zuzu says:

      i think that SIMON BAKER should be christian grey! most definitely. .

    55. Miss says:

      I still think the best guy is Alex Pettyfer. Some of the men listed on here look too old. Christian is only 27, Colin is too old for the part. Sorry ladies

    56. karine says:

      Matthew Boomer all the way for grey and for Ms. Steele Alexandra daddario/Victoria Justice

    57. Justmy2cents says:

      Ryan Reynolds!!! He totally has the ability to play a dark character PLUS his body is super fine.

    58. Brieana says:


    59. Taylor says:

      I love Ian. but no. it has to be Chace Crawford. and Ian and Nina have their own love story, it’s too vampiresque for this. CHACECHACECHACE!

    60. 1. Brandon Beemer from "The Bold & Beautiful" soap
      2. Matt Bomer from "Blue Collar" show
      3. Jesse Metcalfe from "Desperate Housewives" the gardener
      4. Cris Pine from "this means war" movie w Resse Witherspoon
      5. Paul walker although he might b little old now so maybe Chris Evans instead

    61. Kirsten says:

      Love Somerhalder, but Skarsgard is perfect! I will boycott if Patterson gets it… he is not what I imagined at all!

    62. RYAN GOSLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    63. Nikki says:

      1. Matt Bomer
      2.Collin Eggsfield or what ever his last name is from Something Borrowed
      3. Alexander Skarsguard

      Those are my picks! I absolutely do not want to see Patterson and Stewart play the parts…..ugh

    64. Chelsea says:

      MATT BOMER!!!!

    65. RicciAnn says:

      Henry Cavill & Matt Bomer!!

    66. Lisa says:

      Ryan Gosling or Christian Bale ;-)))

    67. Tor says:

      I personally would enjoy robert pattinson. Cam gigandet could pull it off i think. Ian would a great job too i think cause n vampire diaries he can be a *** or a real charmer.

    68. Shirley Greenhill says:

      I think Michael Ealy would make n excellent Christian Grey!!!!!

    69. ann says:

      Colin Egglesfirld 100%!

    70. Skarsgard fan says:

      OMG! Alexander Skarsgard would be perfect for the role!

    71. eileen k says:

      My picks are M. Muhney or Peter Porte (YandR) or Henry Cavill or J R-Myers. All are great lookig and wonderful actors.

    72. Mallory says:

      Hands down the role should go to Hayden Christiansen he could really do that role justice getting into the vulnerability that makes Christian Grey appealable plus I thought he was a blond in the book.

    73. Shandell Maio says:

      I think Zac Efron would be great Christian!

    74. Heidi says:

      It's gotta be Chris Hemsworth. He's hot and physically fits the bill he's tall and buff and those eyes! Yum!!

      1. Cindy says:

        Absolutely!! I was thinking the same thing!!

    75. Diane says:

      What is wrong with you guys! While all the mentioned guys are good looking, we have seen Ferrel and Bale and all the vampires enough already! We need a real good looking guy with confidence and a great bod. Strong, gentle and senual all in one. That would possibly be Brandon on Bold and Beautiful. But, check out the guy that does the ad for Ralph Lauren Polo Black and RL Polo Blue fragrances. Now that is a MAN. Nobody could say no to him! I don't know his name, but he IS Christian Grey and he has my Vote. I don't know if he can act, but i'm sure he has Christian's natural talents.

    76. Diane says:

      What is wrong with you guys? All the men mentioned are great, but we have seen Ferrell, Bale and the vampires enough already. Brandon on Bold and Beautiful and William Levy are good posibilities. But, check out the guy that does the ad for Ralph Lauren Black and RL Blue fragrances. Now that is a man. He IS Christian Grey! Not only gorgeous but great bod. Looks like the strong, gentle and sensual type, but also vulnerable at times. Who could say no to him? I don' know if he can act, but I'm sure all things come natural to someone who looks like him!

    77. KIM says:


    78. sara says:


      1. Kathryn says:

        Yes, yes, wonderful idea……and let him keep the accent! Kat, The Bahamas.

    79. Heather says:

      i can see Joshua Morrow (from Young and Restless) playing the part. all the above actors look too gay to play such a sexy role. the role needs to go to an actor who permeates sexiness and passion; none of those guys have it.

      1. Kathryn says:

        Heather, I agree…..Christian Grey is a MAN!!!! I have another option to put forth – Don Diamont – Bill Spencer from Bold and Beautiful! mysterious, controlling, domineering yet loving in a dark way! Yummy!

      2. Kat says:

        No way! No way! You must be confused with another book…..because JM is all wrong for the
        Christian Grey character!

    80. ANNA says:

      Has anyone see TOM HARDY, think about it, he is hot and has lots of swagger.

    81. Jennifer says:

      I have to say Ian Somerhalder or Colin Egglsfeld….. sure as hell not Robert Pattinson…. and though i love Alex Skarrsgard i dont really think he would play it good.. Colin Farrelis way to old and honestly not that great looking either.. and im not too keen on James Franco either… another good one would be Henry Cavil….

    82. joanna says:

      NOT the people from Twilight!!!

    83. Roxanne says:

      Isn't Christian Grey a black man with dreads?

      1. Jennifer says:

        No he is a white man with copperish brown hair…

      2. Angie says:

        I wish…lol

    84. Donna says:

      definitely William Levy….he is hot! hot! hot!

    85. Stickeywicket says:

      While watching DWTS all I could think of was William Levy with longer hair and you've got Christian Grey!!!

    86. debra scott says:

      william levy can play Jose but not cristian.. Joshua Marrow couldn't pull it off now Ian Somerhalder could be crisitan grey look at those eyes the smile he could pull it off. cristian needs to be an up an coming actor one that is not associated with any well know character like twilight.

    87. 50ShadesSuperFam says:

      MATT BOMER – he IS Christian Grey!

      1. Julia says:

        Thought Matt Bomer at first, but then when I found out he was gay….it just didn't work for me any more. Not against gays, just when I think about Christian Grey, I think hot sex with a guy and a GIRL.

    88. Francis says:

      Ian Somerhalder hands down!

    89. Melissa says:

      I think Colin Farrell is hot!

    90. Monz says:

      I've gotta stick with Jason Lewis, a little older I know, but…..If you're like me, impatiently waiting for the movie, and still feeling the buzz from Fifty Shades, I went looking for another novel to sate the need. Over-the-top sexy hero, interesting heroine, and it’s written better, but hot, hot, hot, called “Too Grand For Words” Friggin’ awesome! Now I’ve got two heroes to pant over.

    91. jay says:

      What about Channing Tatum?!

    92. GLORIA says:


    93. Deb says:

      Absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, Ian Somerhalder…………He IS Christian Grey and he's who I see as I read Volume III……

    94. Lucy says:

      Jason Dohring (he is a mix of a younger Mickey Rourke and Christian Bale) or James Scott…one of these two guys would be perfect casting by far.

    95. BeeJae says:


    96. jennifer cruz says:


    97. Simone says:

      I don't like any of those guys. The guy that plays John Ross on Dallas is my pick

    98. Stephanie says:

      IAN SOMERHALDER – gorgeous, mysterious, dominant style but yet has a soft sensitive side. he would be perfect. No women could resist him.

      1. mimi says:

        At first, I thought he would be perfect, but I do not want to think of his character on Vampire Diaries as I try to picture him as CG. I agree with posts that say the actor should be pretty much an unknown like Peter Porte.

      2. simply sabrina says:

        I think it should be Bradley Cooper- regardless of age. He would be so awesome.

    99. It has to be a totally unknown actor…Christian Grey is only 27 years old so it has to be someone young.

      1. mimi says:

        I agree Totally! So I am baffled by people actually wanting Simon Baker. He is much Too Old!

    100. Moonridge Chick says:

      Ian Somehalder is a natural!!

    101. mimi says:

      Peter Porte who was Ricky on the Young and the Restless is the PERFECT Christian Grey!

      1. Tammy says:

        Yea I am pushing for Peter Porte also.I think he would
        be the perfect Christine Gray.He fit the Description that
        the casting Director was asking for.

    102. Gloria says:

      Simon Baker. Every time I read the book, I think of him as Christian Grey. I hope the popularity of this novel and the trilogy open the doors for erotic fiction. I epublished some short erotic fiction under the name of Janell Elizabeth Meyer. The ebook, "Anything For Georgetown And Other Stories" is on The title story is about a Catholic schoolgirl with a racy past. The new guidance counselor is fascinated by her, but is also a little jealous. She holds strip parties for the boys at her school, and the guidance counselor found some photos of her. He is an alumni of Georgetown and offers to get her into the school if she gives up her racy lifestyle, and agrees to be punished–HIS way, which involves a LOT of spanking and tickling. They get tangled up in this agreement they have, but will Monica tolerate this restrictive lifestyle for long? Will she get into Georgetown? Check this out! The excerpts I've posted on have nearly 20,000 views!

      1. Kim says:

        OMG… I totally agree Simon Baker was in my mind when I read the books. He's a little short though, and Chrsitian is described as tall.

      2. Michellel D. says:

        I agree he is not so tall but gosh the hair is there and the curls and the mystery. Have him wear a thick sole..,.lol

      3. Michelle says:

        OH MY gosh! I thought I was the only one! One night I was watching The mentalist and he popped into my head, he is MY Christian Grey… curly hair… British accent……mysterious!!!!! Man he would be great in that role.

      4. Mel says:

        Glad I'm no the only one that thinks of him when reading the books!! *drool*

      5. mimi says:

        Simon Baker ? Tooooooo OLD!

    103. Rebecca says:

      Peter Porte . No one else fits.

    104. Nikola says:

      IAN SOMERHALDER absolutley definately shud b given the roll of mr grey thought of him straight away hes so perfect gorgeous grey eyes mm mm yes plz xxx

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    106. ana kavanagh says:

      it's definitely ian somerhalder

    107. Alexandra says:

      Simon Baker for sure or Ian Somerhalder

    108. It absolutely has to be Ian somerhalder! He has the eyes – the bad boy image but with the vulnerability and the hidden pain shing out of those unforgettable eyes! And that body – imagine the ripped jeans…………..

      1. Julia says:

        Totally agree!

    109. c&f says:

      i think it has to be somone with an accent an accent is so sexy maybe mr. beckham would be interested i also like simon baker.

    110. Ded says:

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    111. leprecaun says:

      Colin Egglesfield or Ian Somerhalder… way to Colin Farrell or Robert Pattinson and no to an accent "C&F" as Christian was born in Detroit and raised in Seattle.

    112. leprecaun says:

      I watched the first episode of Season 4 of White Collar and thought of Matt Bomer as Christian….his eyes!

    113. Bri says:

      As i was reading the novels, I pictured Simon Baker in my mind!

    114. LaFraz says:

      Michael Fassbender!!!

    115. Jessica says:

      Jonathan Rhys Meyers hands down.

      1. mimi says:

        He is Yummy and a little "off" as one might say😉

    116. Sweetpea says:

      I think Robert Pattison would be great for Grey, he's young and there's a dark side about him or Simon Baker would be good for the part.

    117. curious says:

      Skarsgard of course. If you,ve watched tru blood you know that he can do it all. He is the ultimate bad boy and has the "shy smile" down. Vulnerability? Watch the true blood episodes where he's lost his memory. He has a presence all the other actors do not have.

    118. Jessica St says:

      I always seem to evision Christian as Ej from Days of our Lives…however Ian would be hot!

    119. Judy H says:

      I think that Billy Miller off of Y& R would make a good Christian, Billy Miller is drop dead beauiful and I also think this would be a good role for him to play our Y&R of couse ,,,BILLY Miller get my vote

    120. coldfeet says:

      SIMON BAKER is by far the SEXIST and best choice for Christian Grey. Has a vulnerability about him which would match the very damaged Christian very well. I pictured yummy SIMON BAKER whilst I read the trilogy and have never enjoyed a book so much!:)

      1. Thudbut says:

        I totally agree. He was the only actor I imagined for the role. Not too far to travel for the right hair color and the right eye color. Pair him with Anne Hathaway again!

      2. mimi says:

        Too Old!

      3. Jen says:

        I definitely agree – Simon Baker is the epitome of Christian and could easily pass for younger. He has the hair, the eyes and the breathtaking smile.

      4. Jiselle says:

        Yesss!!!! Yesss!!! Finally! I'm not the ONLY person who pictures the YUMMY Simon Baker. He has it all. The ONLY time I have ever seen Simon was on the Devil Wears Prada……about 3 years ago. Believe it or not I hated him in that movie…I would fast forward his part. However as soon as I opened the book and read about Christians Demeanor and his facial expressions I automatically pictured Simon Baker. It actually shocked me. Just look at a picture of him from the guardian with a slightly darker more "copper" hair tone and it's….amazing. Panty Droppin.

      5. aferrarii says:

        omg i thought i was the only one who pictured him!!! he is beyond gorgeous and he would play the best Christian!!

      6. Ann says:

        too short! 😦

    121. Chelsea says:

      Ian somerhalder

    122. Kim says:

      James Scott from Days of our Lives. Seriously, he is totally Christian Grey. Most of you probably don’t know who he is but I promise you, you will not be disappointed! Whew!

    123. Bec says:

      HENRY CAVILL! Seriously he IS Christian Grey!!! Henry is the same age as Christian Grey as well. VOTE HENRY CAVILL!!!!!

    124. Tabitha says:

      I want it to be either Ian somerhalder! He's the one with grey eyes!

    125. Kate says:

      Hands down, James Scott is the epitome of "Christian Grey"!

    126. Gio says:


    127. mia says:

      MICHAEL EALY!!!!!!

    128. Helen M says:

      None of them, nothing sexy about any of them. William Levy on the last Dancing With The stars now that is sexy

    129. Kirsten P says:


      1. Ness says:

        ian is the PERFECT choice for christian grey…smouldering looks,he has the power in his stare to be dominant….he is gorgeous and he is THE only one i think fits….

    130. Kirsten P says:

      not for a second did I doubt Ian was Christian. nor did I for a second think it might be any other man.

    131. Kirsten P says:

      also I am completely head over heels in love with Robert Pattinson, however if he played Christian, I wouldnt watch it either. He’s Edward Cullen, and stuck there. He is not Christian Grey.

    132. Joe manganiello yes he doesn't have the grey eyes but contact ppl and his happy trial line yummy

    133. guest says:

      There are lots of actors out there who could play Christian Grey but when I saw a picture of Matt Bomer – he is exactly how I envisioned Christian. Omg…he is so hot!

    134. debz says:

      It could only be Colin Farrel. He is god damn hot with gorgeous sexy eyes and definitely has a dirty boy bad boy quality.

    135. Janice says:

      Chris Hemsworth should be in the running! Hot, hot, hot, hot & hot.

    136. Bectoria says:

      Jared Leto – Seen as he is perfect for the part, is an actor, and Is actually into BDSM in real life.

    137. MaryAnne says:


    138. Beanie says:

      Either Ian or Robert P. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

    139. Phaerla says:

      I think Ryan Gosling is the only actor who can truly bring Chistian Grey to life on the big screen. The only other actors who I might even consider are Ian Somerhalder, although I dont think he has the acting chops for the really emotional scenes; and Alexander Skarsgard.

      1. @Phaerla says:

        he doesn't need to sell out to play in that P0rn0

    140. just a thought says:

      Billy Miller from Y & R for Christian Grey

    141. Alex O'Loughlin for Christian Grey followed in close second by Christian Bale

      1. Lidia says:

        Both lovely men but far too old

      2. Sandra says:

        Alex O'Loughlin? I never considered him but now that I think about it, I can see him playing Christian Grey…

      3. Julia says:

        Seriously??? Christian Bale and Alex O'Loughlin are both WAY past their prime to play the role of someone in their twenties. Bad choices, sorry!

    142. Guest says:

      Did anyone read his description in the book? It's not black hair, black beard. Reddish blonde hair, blonde chest hair, etc.

    143. Jewelz says:

      From the very first chapter of the book, I invisioned James Scott (Days of our Lives) playing Christian Grey. Not only is he incredibly beautiful but he is an amazing actor. His delivery is mindblowingly sexy!!! He would be perfect for this part in every way!!

    144. Dee says:

      Man, some of you are fickle! People would’ve loved to see Rob in this role. Man, some of you are mean! I say Rob, hell YES!!!! Oh and the one who said she wouldn’t go if he is in it, don’t. I don’t even think you should go. period. Other choices, Christian Bale, he is older though. Yes, Michael Fassbender or Channing Tatum. Would love to see one of these 4 in the role! Even Colin Egglesfield!

    145. Nia says:

      Oh I have got to say Paul walker he is a little edgy but sexxxxy as hell.

    146. fanof65 says:

      I think Channing Tatum or Keneau Reeves.

      Both of these guys are totally H.O.T!!!

    147. jackiej says:

      I have this vision of Christian Grey in my head and it ISN'T any of these men. So I'm going to go with the only actor who can play any character any day of the week. Johnny Depp

    148. windlegends says:

      I adore Matt Bomer. He is absolutely stunning but there is one major strike against him: he's gay. The 50 Shades books have hetero women all over the world hot and bothered. I really don't think they would embrace Bomer as a hetero guy. They want the illusion and just knowing he bats for the other team will spoil the whole movie for them.

      As I said, Wes Bentley would be perfect. His hair isn't black but a dark chestnut with red glints (watch him in Hirokin, The Last Samurai and you'll see what I mean) While his eyes are blue, they are the most piercing I've ever seen.

      1. Julia says:

        Wes Bently would HAVE to shave…not sure he'd commit if that was the criteria! TOTALLY agree on Matt Bomer comments.

    149. windlegends says:

      Wes Bentley as Gray; Anna Silk at Ana; Max Martini as Taylor; and Charlize Theron as Elena.

    150. ejn says:

      hands down James Scott from Days of our Lives!! check him out on youtube or google him!!! He is PERFECT !! Even his costar Ali Sweeney tweeted he would be pefect!!

    151. Lori says:

      Colin Farrell would be awesome. Sexy and handsome and he can play a bad ass with lots of sex appeal.

    152. Bibi says:

      Christian: matt bomer/jason lewis!!!!!!!! Christian must be perfect. They are it.

      1. Ann says:

        OH YES! I forgot about Jason Lewis!!

    153. Imooan says:

      I like Eric Bana… the man is sexy ….

    154. Bettie Engerman says:

      Matthew Bomer who plays Nick Caffry on USA's White collar is the perfect choice to play Christian Grey.

    155. guest says:

      Ian Somerhalder, matt bomer

    156. Sophie says:

      Robert Pattinson or Ian as Grey and Alexis Blendel as Ana. sorry for my english…

    157. eXcLusive says:

      PAUL WALKER or JASON LEWIS!!!!!!!!

    158. mla says:

      james franco-such a good actor I am convinced he could play any part in any movie

    159. alice says:

      michael fassbender is my christian grey; his voice ,his eyes his elegance his hands his smile all of him

    160. lisa says:

      anson mount

    161. Jiselle says:

      I can completely agree that Colin Farrell is quite the libidinous character, HOWEVER for some daft reason I have been picturing him as Jack Hyde….am I the only one?

    162. Katrina says:

      Colin he got that mystery look that characterize Christian grey and he will play the part beautifully

    163. Me Myself says:

      Has no one thought of Jonathan Rhys Meyers?! Come on people! Think about it….

    164. TAB says:


      1. calmityjane says:

        I agree 100%. After becoming aware of James Scott and watching him act on Days of Our Lives, if can't play the part, there's no sense in watching the movie. He would be the perfect Christian Grey and right now, I can't think of anyone else that could match up to him.

    165. Sandra says:

      I really think that James Scott or Ian Somerhalder would be a great fit to play Christian Grey and I truly wouldn't rule out James Franco either… As for Anastasia Steele I kind think Mila Kunis may suit the roll but for some reason I see Jamie Lynn Siegler, I think that's her name.. Meadows from the Soprano's playing Ana. Or Nadia Bjorn who played Chloe on Days of our Lives. I can see her in that roll as well.

      1. Sandra says:

        Too bad he's older but I actually can also see Johnny Depp playing the role of Christian Grey for some reason…

    166. kim says:

      Skarshard vs gosling and Alex bledel vs Hathaway

    167. CHERRYBOMB says:

      1. 2. 4. & 5. Are a DEFINITE NO!!! Robert Pattinson would be my first choice b/c he's totally GORGEOUS & SEXY!!! 2nd choice would be Ian is really Hot too!

      1. barbara says:

        robert pattinson is not in any way
        Christian Grey!!!!

      2. Well, considering the fact that it was Rob as Edward, in the fan fiction this story initially was, he is certainly the "face of" Christian for the original fans. The characters, in case you aren't aware, were intially named Edward and Bella in fan fiction, the names had to be changed, obviously, for publication. Frankly, I probably won't be going to see the movies anyway, not overly entralled with EL James writing skills, nor the fact that she didn't do research into the BDSM lifestyle. She portrayed certain behaviors that are totally inaccurate in that community, and in fact disallowed, and if found out can have a person banned from the community.

      3. I agree, Christian is described by Ana as the most beautiful man in the world, Ryan Gosling suggested, I don't think so. As for Ian Somerhalder, his self-promoting video turned me off.

    168. CalmityJane says:

      I say NO to all the choices mentioned. The only possible choice for Christian Grey, is James Scott, who plays EJ on Days of Our Lives. Tune in to the show and you will see that I am right. I can't imagine anyone else.

    169. Michelle says:

      Simon Barker or Bradley Cooper. Done.

    170. Chelsea says:

      Ian somerhalder❤ and Simon barker are good choices:)

    171. Sell Cisco says:

      I just like the valuable information you provide to your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check once more right here regularly. I am fairly certain I’ll be told a lot of new stuff proper right here! Best of luck for the next!

    172. Therese says:

      Wow, really? A Christian Grey actor discussion that fails to mention Chris Pine? He's the right age, and the right EVERYTHING. I'm a 40 something who has only gone for older guys but Chris Pine definitely brings out the cougar in me.

      1. CHERRYBOMB says:

        Me too but My #1 is ROBERT PATTINSON HANDS DOWN!!!

    173. shanee says:

      Henry Cavill IS Christian Grey!!!

    174. Rob Pattinson should play him since the book was originally written as Twilight fanfic and Anna and Christian were originally Bella and Edward.

    175. jhsemas says:

      matt bomer is perfect. grey is not merely good-looking, but traffic-stopping — and that's matt. I can't imagine a female of any age not gaping and losing her voice at the mere sight of bomer. Not so with the other proposed candidates

      1. CHERRYBOMB says:

        Except for 1 thing. We all know he's gay so that wouldn't cut it for me. Not "technically" but he would have to be a HELL of an actor to sell me on all the sex acts he'd be doing with women.

    176. Ang says:

      Andrew W Walker!!!

    177. LOVE50Shades says:

      Matt Bomber. All these choices were NOT CG. Robert Pattinson? EW. That would wreck the movie. I don't care if Matt is gay he IS CHRISTIAN.

      1. Theresa says:

        RIGHT WITH YOU!!!!!!

    178. pccf says:

      My pick is Colin Farrell. Not just from the list provided, either. He's adorable in The Recruit (although that was 2003). And the picture of him here is fantastic.

    179. Julia says:

      And where was Henry Cavill on this list?? I read the books and he was the only one I could imagine as Christian. Matt Bomer would def be my second choice. But Colin Farrel, Rob Pattinson or Chris Pine… um, please no.

      1. Although Henry Cavill is probably close to Christian Grey's age, he has a receding hairline, which unfortunately makes him look older than his 33 yrs, he also doesn't have the right face for Christian. Who is described by Ana as being the most beautiful man in the world, Henry may be handsome, but beautiful he is not.

    180. Ian somerholder!!!! He has an acting style that just makes him perfect for it.

      1. His self-promoting video turned me off to him,

    181. NOT ROBERT PATTERSON!!! Seeing him in a movie like that would ruin the Twilight movies for me.

      1. Sooo, it would ruin Twilgiht for you, I take it then, that you did not see him in either Bel Ami or Cosmopolis. Seriously, he has to be pigeon-holed into one category for you to continue being a fan of Twilight?

      2. Desiree says:

        Robert pattinson does not fit any of the physical qualities of Christian Grey .

      3. fran says:

        Robert Pattinson was the one ,the old fat cougar fantasized about, writing this smut

      4. Bacon says:

        Robert pattinson does not fit any of the physical qualities of Christian Grey, And why isn't Matt Bomer there he's perfect for this role!!!

      5. indie says:

        Are you not aware that 50 shades of grey was a twilight fanfic?

    182. Sara says:

      Ian somerhalder definitely !!!
      This role is made for him

    183. Monica says:

      I think Adam Levine should play Christian!!!!

    184. Jessica says:


    185. themom says:


    186. Anonymous says:

      Matt Bomer should play Christian Grey.He's perfect.

    187. xxx says:

      Definitely Matt Bomer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    188. Desiree says:

      Chris Hemsworth or Colin Egglesfield. Enough said.

    189. tina ian salvatore says:

      ian samerhalder ❤

    190. Deb says:

      Alexander Skarsgard I bet he already has a dungeon playroom !!!!

    191. Sloane says:

      I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest Chace Crawford….idk, he's just got that appeal to me, and I'd like to see someone who isn't already associated with a big time character, like Robert or Ian. He's just gorgeous and fits my idea of Christian Grey, but I won't be at all disappointed with whoever they choose lol

    192. Daniel says:

      alexander skarsgard couldn't do it… eugh… where's Cam Gigandet???

    193. Ann says:

      I have read 2 of the 3 books and am working on the 3rd! I think GABRIEL AUBRY has the BEST look, but can he act??

    194. Ashley Berd says:

      Jesse Metcalfe is perfect to play christian grey. Hes Hot as hell and the right age. Matt Bomer is wayyy to old. Hes clearly not 28. Jesse Metcalfe!!!!!!

    195. tin says:

      Colin Farrell??! Are you kidding me?!?!? NO!

    196. Quita says:

      I only agree with Ian. Ian is hot and I love Vampire Diaries. The others …eh…they could have come up with a better list. I am more of a Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Skylar Astin (awkward hotness), Gerard Butler, Paul Wesley type of girl. The list provided for us is no good. Go back to the drawing board please.

    197. Quita says:

      Now that I know who the people are who were suggested by other commenters I will have to say a loud No. Alexander Skarsgard is ok but he isn't as hot as Ian Samerhalder. Ian screams sexy. Jesse Metcalfe…cute yes but he is no Christian Grey. Chace Crawford maybe but Ian still has him beat. Cam Gigandet…no thanks.

    198. mich says:

      ian, deffinately ian.

    199. Marie says:

      Another vote for Gabriel Aubrey…sadly he's not an actor (but a verrrrry devoted daddy! )

    200. Vee says:

      First of all, the guy has to be tall. Ian is only 5'9 and many of the other runners are on the shorter side. He may be very good looking but doesn't have the physical presence. Ryan Gosling, Robert P have the stature, can hang a suit and have very masculine, fine-chiseled features. I really can't see this movie being adapted though as the predominant element is graphic kink.

    201. […] PLUS: 8 Actresses Who Could Play Anastasia Steele 6 Actors Who Could Play Christian Grey […]

    202. Lis says:

      Tom Hiddleston, who played 'Loki' in 'The Avengers' would be a perfect choice. He's equally good at playing badass, vulnerable, seductive, unhinged, etc., with Oscar-level chops. Not to mention, he's gorgeous, and the right age, too. Check out video from 'The Hollow Crown' – either 'Henry woos Catherine of Valois' or the kiss scene. I rest my case:-)

    203. fran says:

      I'm not into Porno and that Book gave me the creeps the moment he came up with the contract and that stupid woman didn't run because he was hot and a Billionaire. Poor character development and I read something exactly with the same words in a Fan Fiction Story " Master of the Universe". Only the names were different. So its Twilight with perverted sex. This Story is wrong on so many levels . The only actors who could play that are Porno Actors

    204. Morgan says:

      Simon Baker is who I picture from the beginning just by how Christian was described with the touseled hair, beautiful smile, and laid back look but intense underneath it all type thing. And how I took it was that because Christian has become so successful/serious at s young age and because he is tortured he looks older than he is and simon baker looks younger than he is and that would meet kind of in the middle with looks and age. But if I had to choose another it would be Tom Hardy because he is really good at playing tortured and brooding characters.

    205. Male Escorts says:

      no one could ever replace Christian bale …no actor is even near his talent

    206. Ash says:

      JAMES SCOTT!!! He’ll be perfect.

    207. Laura says:

      Ian Somerhalder or Peter Fort. Either would make a great Christian Grey.

    208. AshleyB says:

      Honestly I keep thinking of Taylor Kitsch playing Christian Grey! He's got a bad boy look and is making a name for himself slowly. And come on he looms amazing without a shirt!

    209. Jenny says:

      I think Robert pattinson would be the perfect Christian grey he's gorgeous and sexy

    210. kevena says:

      Jason Lewis!!! He is Christian Grey!

    211. gaga says:

      there is already a Po rno out about that story , because honestly how are the going to make a Movie out of three sentences, he is hot , oh my and do it harder

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