Kim & Kanye Are Moving In Together And We Have Advice For Them

Kim Kardashian has pretty much become a household name. We’ve witnessed her relationships build, and we, of course, have witnessed them completely fall apart.  We’ve read about her divorce, her embarrassment, her shame, but it looks like things may be falling into place for this reality TV star. According to sources, it seems her and Kanye West have decided to take their relationship to the next level: cohabitation!

Since most of us watch every little moment of Kim’s life unfold, we’re, of course, rooting for  forever in this relationship. But that means compromise. So what is the proper way to consolidate two completely separate lives and people into one house without TOO much drama? Well, I researched 9 tips that will, hopefully, make this huge change a little bit easier, just in case you were thinking of taking the plunge yourself.



    1. brian says:

      I can not believe you SERIOUSLY wrote this article.

    2. blahblah says:

      These people should not even be in the news. A mudshark whore who made a porno to get famous and everyone falls over her… pun intended. It is because of people like this and these aholes that worship them that this country is falling apart.

    3. Ram King says:

      good looking

    4. rocco says:

      blah blah … so who should be in the news? a loser like you?

    5. Abby says:

      Good rules but none of them apply to this couple!!!

    6. Melissa says:

      Just saying she isn't even divorced yet. Just a bad message they are both sending out. She should wrap up one relationship completely and move on from it before jumping into another serious relationship.

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