Mitt Romney Joins Tumblr Along With These 7 Surprising Celebs

You know the internet has hit another ridiculous milestone when a presidential candidate has now JOINED tumblr. Yes, you read right, the 2012 Republic nominee for president, Mitt Romney, is now officially managing his own tumblr.

That in itself is pretty crazy, considering most “celebs” have a whole team dedicated to keeping up their own blogs. But see, when I say celebs, typically I mean those who starred in movies, created albums or showed the world their personalities in TV shows; but this celebrity is unlike most others. He is in the running to LEAD our country, and now, he has his own Tumblr. Talk about appealing to the Internet Generation!

But he’s not the only “star” who takes the time to manage his tumblr. Check out some more who actually run their own tumblrs, too!

PS: Are you following CollegeCandy on tumblr?



    1. Mike says:

      What's the difference between Romney and Obama on policy? Will either one of them end the wars?

      1. Joy G. says:

        What's good for the goose is good for the gander. The difference is, Rommey loves America. Obama never took American History, but has a lot of Education from his father and step-daddy. One in Kenya and the other in, (can't spell it) but sounds like Indonesia. Mike check out your facts on Oboma's back ground. I wish he had not had his records sealed. I often wonder what is he hiding. I often wonder why they call him black? With a white Mother, isn't he just as much white? It sounds like I don't like him, but I do like him, as he is smart, good-looking, and a wonderful organizer.He has ideas, but will not work at this time in America. I think he let Harry Reid and Lady Polusie run his show, they are the ones people don't like.I look at his grey hair and I feel for him. One day he will look back and wonder why he wasted his life in Politics. Was it worth it.

      2. Joy says:

        That is OK with me.

    2. Barbara says:

      Since Romney changes his views every time he turns around and wants to throw seniors out of nursing homes and deny medicaid to sick children in order to give tax benefits to the rich, who are more likely to put their money in foreign accounts than to create, jobs, I I really hate to have him be elected. We had enough of Bush's failed policies.

    3. rob says:

      So Tumblr is only for the "young crowd" say between 12 and 30? When you want to get your message across Tumblr is a great place to share what you are up to for all of us, even someone like me who is 68. Create an outlet for stuff and people of all ages who understand technology will come to it..

    4. winston grant says:

      Bullshit campaign rhetoric. wall-to-wall. Nice try at the hipness 'thing." LOL

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