Are You Offended By Champagne Facials? [Photos]

It’s not unusual to see women completely sexualized on the internet, on TV shows and in magazines, right? Guys like to look at hot girls, and girls secretly like to fantasize about what life would be like if they looked like…that. But where should the line be drawn? Should it even be drawn?

Recently, a new tumblr came onto my radar. Its name? Champagne Facials. Sounds luxuriously relaxing, right? Who doesn’t love a good facial? Well, this tumblr does not exactly represent THAT kind of facial. Instead, it focuses on pictures of pretty party girls getting shot in the face with champagne. So we want to know: Does this offend you? Or does it get you laughing? Let us know what you think!



    1. Shannon says:

      it kind of is offensive, but i feel bad for the girls who will be online looking like that for the rest of their lives and were too drunk to realize what they were doing or what was going on or who just didn't care… either way, it is a little bit offensive.

    2. Ksen says:

      I rarely get offended by this kind of stuff, but I gotta say it is pretty disgusting.

    3. Julia says:

      I generally am okay with most pornographic things, but this actually makes me really uncomfortable. This could have been something cute or silly, but the women often look a little in pain or are being intentionally and pointlessly doused with white, foamy suds. I can't imagine this intent being something that the women were expecting to happen, much less serve as degrading softcore porn.

      1. NYC_girl says:

        I have witnessed more than a few of Kirill's champagne facials. These girls are very aware of what is happening, and are absolutely expecting to be doused in foamy champagne suds. I have yet to see a facial done at gunpoint- this is totally up to the girls involved.

    4. Victoria says:

      The thing that offends me most about this is that they're wasting perfectly good champagne.

    5. WOC says:

      it's the angle that grosses me out the most. why can't they include men as well?

    6. JD47 says:

      Love it

    7. Abby says:

      EXTREMELY OFFENDED! the pictures are so pornographic and these girls might not even know that they're being made to look like that!

      1. NYC_girl says:

        How would you NOT know that someone is pouring champagne on your face while you tilt your head back and open your mouth? The girls LOVE being in these photos, and its a fun thing for them on a night out!

    8. mike says:

      as someone who has been around when these pictures are being taken, I can attest to the fact that many (not all) of these girls arent drunk, theyre pretty sober or starting off the night. to the girl who said theyre in pain, what is painful about champagne? and having your picture up is pretty meaningless unless you have a name or personal identifying data to go off of. everyone (including the girls) ends up having a good time. its not that serious, no need to make it out to be more than it is.

    9. josh says:

      Stfu up lol its funny. Just cuz no one gives you facials don’t rag on the hot ones

    10. Nick says:

      I don't think any of these girls were expecting someone to politely pour Champagne in their mouth. Some girls like being sexy for attention, and this is exactly what they are doing.

      I am offended that a handful of people are so sexist they don't think women know enough to make decisions on how to act in public on their own.

    11. carl says:


    12. Hannah Lyons says:

      Frankly, I think the girls should be naked in the photos. There isn't enough nudity on that Tumblr. Oh and Shannon, "being too drunk" is no excuse, sweetie.

    13. Jesikah says:

      Only thing missing: Bananas & Dada Life!

    14. AARON807 says:


    15. Stephanie says:

      Lol, I'm PRETTY DAMN SURE that the girls know what they're going to look like in the pictures, drunk or not. As a girl I'm not offended at all by the pictures. I've been to a party that Kirill and Jesse Marco were at at Rutgers, and girls were willingly going up to them to have slutty (and tasteful) pictures taken. The girls know what they're doing.

    16. John says:

      I think these are funny! The girls look like they’re having fun, too! Maybe it’s a chance for them to live out a little fantasy (nothing wrong with that) without having to get pounded by Ron Jeremy or one of the like..

    17. @seattleista says:

      No dahlins this is offensive. Chill out ladies (fat chicks), these photos are voluntarily you shouldn't be upset that their being taken (maybe be offended that girls are voluntary about it). I know your Saturday nights are usually a bottle of cheap red, recap of the bachelor and a good conversation with your cat(s), but lets be real not everyone can be as boring or virginal/celibate as you. If your so mad then start a support group or book club about it.

    18. ally says:

      If someone finds this offensive (jealous chicks) then don’t check his tumblr all 5 min to see more.
      Girls know what they’re are doing when they’re are clubbing, and Kirill is known for pics like this. Girls usually ask and are never forced.
      So please if you wanna cry and vomit about pics like this, go back to the 1920’s where woman reaaally didn’t have a say on shit, live in black and white, and stop hating on funny party pics.
      (Coming from a girl who is pretty prude) lighten UP!

    19. We all have those baby photos where were covered in food. Awww how cute!?

      Only difference now is that we have a choice whether or not we want to be covered and photographed.

    20. ELuisJ says:

      Ya’ people are just some anti-nightclub nannys. This is nothing and from the looks of it none of ya have been to a decent nightclub. These girls are having pure fun and most importantly weren’t forced to do so. Please no guys on this facial thing, I’ve got nothing against gays but if you.. Now, this is some awesome stuff and be sure to see more photographers trying to be just like Kirill.

    21. gstone says:

      girls who post on college candy don't know how to party

    22. ELuisJ says:

      @ally WELL PHUCKING SAID!!

    23. Brenda says:

      These are girls are completely aware of a photo being taken. Anybody who finds this offensive can take the stick out of their ass and get a sense of humor. Kirill is an incredibly talented photographer. He’s innovative, has a great sense of humor and is well known for his nightlife photography. Keep the pictures coming!

    24. Mister French-Crook says:

      We now live in the 21st century, where men and women are equal and free to do what they want..
      That said should we be offended by women covered by champagne…? Seriously it's fun and sexy, don't take that away from us!

    25. Soho Mayor says:

      I bet the girl who wrote the article is chubby and has pimples…
      Honey, don't worry we will open a website for you too:

    26. Tyler says:

      Haters gonna hate I spose, but you gotta love Kirill! So talented!

    27. Abby says:

      Anyone offended by this really has issues. It is just fun and so what if it looks sexual…

    28. Barbara says:

      Personally I am offended by this . Why ? Because although it may seem like a harmless activity . The motives behind it are not . It just looks as though it was made to look like something out of a porn film . And They were just trying to " decorate " and "disguise" the real meaning by calling it a champagne facial . Most people would probably buy this garbage . But I'm more strong minded and see things for what they really are . If you disagree with me then that is your own personal opinion . But I refuse to be blinded .:)

    29. It doesn't offend me or get me laughing; it gets me horny.

    30. nyfan806 says:

      im fine with it cause i passed the cleavage challenges

    31. Alan Longsmith says:

      Even though soft eroticism is thriving everywhere and is mostly directed to women (see the magazine shelves in your nearest super market), I think this is one of the cleverest ways to inject hardcore porn into the public sphere. Brilliant. To consider it not-porn would be hypocritical. Same with the magazine covers. This is a genius act of subversion. And it disturbs me as well. This proves that you can not "ban" sex. It is literally unbannable. Leave it as it is and support the alternatives of your choice. Whatever you prefer.

    32. Dustin says:

      Women being sexualized on the internet? For shame!

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    34. thelifeofliving says:

      give me a facial. right now

    35. For me it's a BIG NO NO!

    36. I think they look amazing and as for ppl ho say it objectifies or exploits women then the simple answer is, the girls didnt have to do it. if of course, ppl might suggest that the girls were so drunk and out of it, that they didnt have a clue what they were doing, then each of those girls has much bigger concerns than these photos. i shall see exactly how popular they are next week as i'm shooting some videos of champagne facials with some local girls to sell on the internet:-)

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    38. Hotaru says:

      It's definitely sexual, but it not nearly as offensive as other pornographic-esque things.
      I mean, I'd pose for one! (& I love free champagne……probably wouldn't post the pic on my facebook or anything though lol)
      But I do hope they are aware of the circumstances (ie: sober enough to sign model release forms).

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