Why Did Liam Hemsworth Really Propose?

If you haven’t heard the big news, let me be the first  to break it to you: Liam Hemsworth is off the market.  You may be thinking, “Yes, I already knew that. He’s dating Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, whatever.” No, I mean he’s REALLY off the market. Like engaged-to-be-married off the market.

Shocking, I know.  I mean, he’s drop-dead gorgeous, and not to be harsh, but she’s not really on her A-game right now.  He just starred in The Hunger Games as Gail for goodness sake!

There has to be a reason for this crazy, out-of-nowhere engagement.  It’s not like her ovaries are drying up–she’s 19!  So what could it be?  Why the sudden proposal?  Well, I have a few ideas…



  1. Anna says:

    How about… he proposed because he is in love with her? You know, just an idea.

    1. Barb says:

      She was just wondering shut the hell up

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  3. George Wine says:

    i guess he just wants to be married or have kids before he turns 30, like his brother……..just saying….

  4. Ariana Romero says:

    I'm still stunned that they're actually getting married! I can't imagine walking down the aisle anytime soon…

    1. Abby says:

      Same! I just cant quite picture Miley in a wedding dress.

  5. " He just starred in The Hunger Games as GAIL for goodness sake! "

    Sorry about my freakout, but it's actually Gale…

  6. Maura - Rider University says:

    Liam is probably just old fashioned! I think it's romantic that they're engaged, but I really hope they are making a good choice. There really isn't any rush to get married and I would hate to see Miley go through a divorce at such a young age.

  7. jaida says:

    or maybe, theyre…in LOVE!?!?! :O (if yu couldnt ttell i was being sarcastic)

  8. Melissa says:

    Well they are young and rich.. Still young and stupid. Let them learn.

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