5 Best Cities to Visit on a Student Budget

Here’s the thing, it’s summer and you want to get out of the town that reminds you of high school. The problem is, the college you love and miss so dearly ran off with your funds and now you barely have enough money to fill up your gas tank. Well don’t completely give up hope! If you grab enough friends to chip in, you can have a summer of cheap travels and priceless memories.

So pack up your summer tote equipped with sheer dresses and that bikini you splurged too much on, and get to traveling! It doesn’t have to be as daunting and expensive as your parents say it is, and it’s time you take a trip for yourself.

Check below for our top 5 cities to visit on that college budget! I promise you won’t regret it.

[Lead image via Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock]

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    1. Lauren says:

      Why aren't there any places for the West Coast?

    2. Meghan says:

      Really? If I click anywhere on the website now, a new page pops up with ads for other articles on College Candy. It makes it pretty annoying to go through the slideshow or to browse the whole website in general.

    3. Numbers says:

      Check below for our top 5 cities to visit on that college budget! I promise you won’t regret it.

    4. Sungdo says:

      It makes it pretty annoying to go through the slideshow or to browse the whole website in general.

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    6. Christy says:

      Isn't Disney World the Disney of the East?O_o

    7. Heather says:

      uhhh Disney World is the Disney of the East…and it's actually bigger than disney land (well idk anymore after that adventure park they added to disney land as a separate park but it was originally)…Hershey Park is Hershey Park and its own nice unique thing. Just saying…

    8. Heather says:

      Oh and also I'm from the North but my favorite places are to go down South (bible belt area). I know it's a stereotype and there are mean people everywhere but sometimes I feel like I run into so many more nice people at least when it comes to meeting new people and such. Loved Houston as a college student. There's a gorgeous area I went to in the city that has an outdoor mall with beautiful local cafes/bakeries everywhere surrounded by lit up trees and a big fountain in the center with a turf field where a lot of kids kick around soccer balls. Behind it is a gorgeous hotel with a 2nd floor bar that has cabanas and a lit up pool. You just don't see that stuff in the North where we can't actually put in any decent money into the cities for that stuff because we'd have to make it snow proof or take it down every year. But yeah I love going down south for college vacations, not too expensive either (except plane tickets)!

    9. Luisa says:

      I just moved to Pensacola and it's really becoming a hip little place. The downtown area is blossoming with new restaurants, bars, etc. and it's also a very old area with a super interesting past! Not to mention, gorgeous gulf beaches are just down the road.

      It is super expensive to fly to Pensacola though, so I would recommend coming into Mobile, AL (1 hr away) or Panama City Beach (2-3 hrs, also a cool destination) and driving if you can.

    10. Kimi says:

      I live pretty close to Lancaster, about 40 minutes away and would never go there for a vacation. It is cute and a family trip but not something for college people. Hersehy Park is also great but is like over an hour away I think.

    11. Ariana Romero says:

      I loved Orlando, and would love to go back to Florida. Pensacola sounds amazing.

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    13. Laur says:

      I think Milwaukee should be added! Hello, city of festivals!! There's so much free stuff to do here and it's right on the lake. http://www.do414.com

    14. Megan says:

      If you're into the party scene, you HAVE to go to the bars on Demonbreun in Nashville.

    15. JamC says:

      I'm from Georgia, and have only been to Savannah once. Maybe I should try to visit again. I'm not sure if my suggestions fits the college budget, but St. Louis, Missouri, is one of the best trips I have ever taken. It's not overcrowded, the river breeze can be felt all over the city, and the people are spirited. There's a ton of fun, involving tourist attractions as well, lots of science from what I recall.

    16. Anything's possible with the help of a few friends. That's how we used to go on trips back in my day. Glad to know it still works today.

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