6 Things Not To Talk About On The First Date

First dates are nerve-wracking. I personally hate them, but I guess they’re necessary if you want to skip that whole Dying Alone thing. Unfortunate, isn’t it? You want to seem witty, sexy, and all around awesome. If you’re going to spend all that nervous energy on a first date, you at least deserve to make it to the second one!

One of the biggest problems with first dates is figuring out what to share and what to hold back. Your past, his past, weird factoids you read on Twitter, the latest Lindsay Lohan debacle. Some things are grey areas, but other topics are completely off limits if you want to survive the date. So what’s on the first date black list?

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    1. naoma says:

      YOURSELF!!!! A surefire way to GET A MAN INTERESTED is to SAY NOTHING about yourself — get him to
      talk about himself for the entire date (it can be done easily) and when he leaves he will think: "My what a
      fascinating woman she was" This is foolproof. They know nothing about you but find you fascinating because they talked about themselves. Nothing men like better. This works 100% of the time!!!

      1. waterlilly says:

        you barely even have to TRY to get a man to talk about themselves all night long. for me, they kinda just do it on their own. lol.

    2. Tanstaafl2 says:

      Topics 4 and 5 were stupid and irrelevant – the other 4 topics were actually serious and helpful.

    3. Guest says:

      I'm an older widower in my late 50s, and went on a date with a woman I knew to be a widow. No problem, I thought. When asked, I said that my wife had died some five years earlier and didn't elaborate. My date then went on to tell me about her late husband, began weeping, telling me how wonderful he had been, etc., etc. I tried to end that by saying that my spouse had been a great wife as well, and tried to change to conversation. But, noooo! She just wept harder, enough to have folks at other tables staring at us, and to have the maitre d' come by and ask if there was anything wrong. I managed my way through the dinner, then suggested that I take her home in light of her "distress." She agreed, then at her door suggested that I call her again. I just smiled, gave her a nice on the cheek kiss, and left. No need to find out what other tragedy was going to produce more tears, so didn't call her again.

    4. BrettM says:

      I can only see the pictures so I assume I shouldn't talk about kelsey grammer, weddings, photography, mean girls, the sun, and pissed off kids. O.K. got it! Looks like I'm getting laid tonight!

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