15 Life “Hacks” You Never Knew Existed

We all know life can be pretty unpredictable.

So even though, I don’t promote cheating, I can’t deny we all need a little extra “help” every now and then.  After doing some Reddit research, I found a way we can all win (without crossing any lines)!  With a little something called “life hacks”, shortcuts and secret ways of doing things that we may just not know about, we can put a little of that hard to find control back into our lives!

Read, learn, and enjoy!  Trust me, some of these will blow your mind and make life that much more interesting.

[Lead image via Wth/Shutterstock]

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    2. Tom says:

      I love cheat codes to life. This was great.

    3. Andrea says:

      Number 15 isn't a "life hack" is just common sense

    4. Vivvie says:

      Someone's been on Reddit! Credits for the poster there, perhaps?
      I can see why you used them – they're quite useful…

      1. Sima Agayeva says:

        She mentioned she did Reddit research and included the usernames. What more do you want?

    5. Laura says:

      In regards to no. 15 saying it works well at the bar. Any bar I've ever worked at measures their alcohol, either by timing the pour, or actually measuring it out. Getting no ice in a bar drink is only giving you more of the mixer, not more of the alcohol.

    6. Lara says:

      For #15 – I always do this at the movies! They're overcharging you so much for your drink, at least if you say no ice you can get as much as possible (plus, no melting ice diluting your coke as the movie goes on…)

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