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Best of “Dads are the Original Hipsters” [Photos]

I don’t know about you all, but I love Fathers’ Day. The barbecues, the family, the sunshine (hopefully)…all of it! I am major daddy’s girl, I admit it, but little did I know, dads were quite likely the creators of a very popular look today.

What am I talking about? Dads beginning a fashion style, a fashion phenomenon? Unheard of.

But wait, have you ever seen the almighty “hipster” look? The cool, collected, don’t-really-give-a-rat’s-ass┬ábut still look totally awesome all the time look? Yep, that’s right, your DAD created it! Thanks to the tumblr, “Dads are the Original Hipsters”, I was able to see first hand where the inspiration came from. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself!

P.S Happy (almost) Fathers’ Day Dads!

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