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17 Reasons Solange is the Better Knowles

Today is a national holiday, y’all! On this day in history, Beyonce‘s lesser appreciated (but equally talented) sister was brought into this world. Though she has had to overcome the presence that is Queen B,  I think Solange has some royalty within herself as well! After all, she is a Knowles, and we know Tina wouldn’t settle for having mediocre children.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely and utterly Team Beyo, but Solange is not too far behind! After researching her, I’ve developed a new found admiration and girl crush. This girl does it all: she models, DJs, writes, and just about everything under taking over the world. In honor of her 26th birthday, I have found 17 reasons why she is better than her older sister (at least for today). Check them out below!

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