17 Reasons Solange is the Better Knowles

Today is a national holiday, y’all! On this day in history, Beyonce‘s lesser appreciated (but equally talented) sister was brought into this world. Though she has had to overcome the presence that is Queen B,  I think Solange has some royalty within herself as well! After all, she is a Knowles, and we know Tina wouldn’t settle for having mediocre children.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely and utterly Team Beyo, but Solange is not too far behind! After researching her, I’ve developed a new found admiration and girl crush. This girl does it all: she models, DJs, writes, and just about everything under taking over the world. In honor of her 26th birthday, I have found 17 reasons why she is better than her older sister (at least for today). Check them out below!



    1. Melissa says:

      I think it's safe to say they are both amazing women.

    2. Ash says:

      I thought that a few months ago, I read that College Candy will not allow these comparison/better than because articles.(And, I'm sure Beyonce would go to Whole Foods on a weekly basis; however, she'd be hounded by so many people – including me. Solange? Eh, I'd just stare at her.)

    3. Abby says:

      Both knowles girls seem great and humble stars! http://www.onestilettoatatime.com

    4. HTXLANY says:

      Solange Knowles is FAR from humble. This comes from first hand experience working with her. That is so far from accuracy that its comical. However, I do agree with her being a true artist, having Beyonce's back, being creative with fashion in music. It is very safe to say that many of her endorsement deals and opportunity has been presented to her due to Beyonce's success. "Her sound is unlike any other" is also an exaggeration but her sound is very cool and everyone is entitled to her opinion. I challenge you to meet Solange without cameras in a real life setting and see if you still have a "humbled" encounter.

    5. Bodenhamer smith says:

      I think that it is main reason for solange is better Knowledge . http://purecleansenow.org/

    6. @IvonaPoyntz says:

      Different artists, both good

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    8. shanna says:

      I think both artists are great. Who cares about how humble someone is anyway! How you get some money and we will see how humble you are going to be, besides people are always making comments about her riding Beyonce’s fame. I wouldn’t be pleasant either to everyone if that’s what I had to hear from people all the time. Get a life and stop trying to put people on blast!

    9. shanna says:

      I meant “have” not “how” ….LOL

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    11. luebla says:

      This is so petty! Trying to pit sisters against each other-I am sure their love & sisterly love cannot divide them.
      They are 2 talented sisters/women who complement each other & seem to be supportive of each other's career.

    12. wrensaki says:

      IDK? People are just such followers these days. Aren’t singers supposed to sang? Diversity? No. Just the same old disney looking choreography, different outfits. Oh yes, they gotta look good in a onesie. Tune please? Ill be glad when this sex genre passes OMG! Im tired of flipping. Even the radio versions are bleep bleeped! That is not creativity. Im on the fence about free radio. having crap shoved in me & my kids ears! Oh dang, the focus is Solange. My bad.(exhale) Yeah, I like Solange just because SHE’S doing it. She may or may not be humble. If she isn’t, I can understand why. She deserves more.

    13. Tanya Louise says:

      Sorry I do like Solange better and if she keeps going she will make her immpression on this world greater.

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