An Obamacare Cheat Sheet We Can All Understand

Politics and everything that comes with it can usually seem confusing, nonsensical and contradictory. Depending on who you ask or what channel you watch, something is just as likely to kill you and everything you love as it is to save your life. Who’s actually telling the truth? That’s why I may be a political science major but would much rather focus on pop culture. Hollywood seems to be filled with less sharks than D.C.

Very few things seem to polarize people more lately than “Obamacare” or as it’s formally known, the Affordable Care Act (2010). Since 2009, Sarah Palin has promised that the ACA would lead to death panels (and she still does), but I’m 99.999% sure no one’s granny has been brought in front of any hooded bureaucrats yet. Well, yesterday the Supreme Court ruled in favor of healthcare reform in a 5-4 vote.

So if the Obamacare doesn’t mean death panels for grandma, what does it really mean for you and the rest of America?

Ariana Romero is a student at Syracuse University. Which would probably explain why she once had a load of laundry filled solely  with orange tee shirts. She watches too much television and reads too much entertainment news than is probably healthy. Follow her on Twitter @ArianaRomero17 or read her Hollywood ramblings at her blog

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    1. Kasey says:

      I started reading this thinking it would be a non biased cheat sheet to help us better understand Obamacare but I was very much wrong. This is completely a one-sided opinion. I'm not here to say Obamacare is purely bad, but it isn't as fabulous as you make it seem. Obamacare kills jobs because employers have to lessen the number of people they can employ with health insurance.
      It's important to think about both sides of the equation. Sure, while Obamacare will make healthcare more accessible to the public, it takes away jobs that our economy so desperately needs right now.

    2. Kelsey says:

      I agree with Kasey's comment above.

      I know you probably won't care, but, College Candy, you just lost a reader. For good. I do not read websites or blogs that would publish a one-sided article like this.

      If you are going to write an article on this topic, please leave your personal opinions out of it. This is not your personal blog. Any political articles on this type should be strictly factual and bias free.

      1. Katie says:

        And everyone bashing it in every type of media there is is unbiased???

    3. Mila says:

      Thanks for writing an article that simplified the ACA for me. I know there may be other things that were not pin pointed but I think you did a wonderful job explaining the reasons why the ACT will be beneficial to many. The media does such a great job of constantly belittling and putting down Obama and his reform. It is refreshing to read an article that points out the good he has done. Thanks Ariana.

    4. Chris says:

      "The APC will only tax those that can afford health insurance but stubbornly choose not to have it." I thought we lived in a society that offered choices, not mandates. I guess we still have a choice…Pay for sub-par care or pay the government a tax. My doctor recommended that I pay cash from now on for care. He will give me a GREAT discount because it saves his business money (one less bureaucrat to please). Think about how our healthcare professionals will suffer from this "tax" or "fee" or whatever you want to call it. I will be canceling my current health insurance and pay the stupid tax. I will also pay less in the long run for health insurance and still receive the best care out there. The doctors and nurses take care of me when I'm sick, and I help them concentrate on their jobs by paying in cash at a substantial discount instead of offering a bureaucratic nightmare that is health insurance nowadays.

      Needless to say, I agree with Kasey and Kelsey. This post is very biased and does not lay out the mandate in a fair and balanced opinion. I hope your readers will be aware enough to seek advice about the ACA elsewhere.

    5. Kelly says:

      I am from Canada and I think that our two countries simply think of healthcare in a different way. We think of it as equal, everyone receives the same care rich or poor (unless of course you have additional insurance and chose to have private care). I would like to think that if I ever have kids someday that if something ever happened to me, that they would be able to have healthcare and would not be able to be turned down by insurance companies (I think watching Sicko's biased approach on your insurance companies has affected my view of that though). Nevertheless, I seem to think that you were taught to believe that universal healthcare is somehow inferior to that of your insurance-based "healthcare." However, according to the WHO, Canada is 30th in the ranking, and France is 1st for world's best healthcare, both with universal healthcare. The US, however, is 37th, and was the only 1st world country up until last week without universal healthcare (there are over 30 1st world countries). My question is, who is going to be paying for this healthcare?? Rich people, since they get taxed more than anyone else. And who is in power?? Rich people. Maybe that is why they have been been trying to convince you for so long that this is such a bad idea. Just think about it.

      1. Sam says:

        A person would have to live in a cave to believe what you wrote. Socialism is never the solution in regard to healthcare of other issues, not to mention the fact that "free speech" is compromised in Canada. What about Christians vs Liberal views? Government needs to be smaller in any nation and less intrusive. I had rather be independent and poor than dependent and rich.

    6. Madaline says:

      So if the Obamacare doesn’t mean death panels for grandma, what does it really mean for you and the rest of America?

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