9 Things Suri Cruise Almost Learned Firsthand About Sea Org

When Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce was announced last Friday basically no one was surprised (other than apparently, Tom Cruise). We’ve all been expecting the break up since the Great Oprah Couch Jumping Incident but somehow they just kept going. After six long years together, what finally sent Katie to her lawyer? According to TMZ, it’s her daughter’s safety.

Tom is famously a Scientology lover and Katie isn’t. She would deal with Scientology but she wasn’t signing up for every $8,000 seminar/procedure/sacrament it was offering. But, now that Suri Cruise is 6-years-old, her dad was ready to send her the Scientology boat camp Sea Organization. Kids as young as five can be sent to the military like Sea Org. I’m guessing she can’t bring her child-heels or get carried everywhere, which is something Katie would not approve of.

So what is it that Katie’s trying to save her daughter from?



    1. Joe says:

      Scientology is a cult, and a pretty bad one. Check out Village Voice reporter Tony Ortega’s articles on Scientology. Some of this stuff is just off the charts strange. Here’s an excerpt from one, “An Open Letter To Tom Cruise”: “As she testified to this, Tom, Debbie really didn’t sound surprised that she’d been tracked down by True and other members of Scientology’s security team…”There’s a procedure when someone of significance blows… A number of people are put on tracking you down. They’re sent to the airport, the bus stop. They’re sent where your family is. They start a whole operation to track you down,” she testified.””

    2. Lfox328 says:

      I feel the carrying Suri everywhere is a symptom of her concern about having her taken away by the father/nutjob.

      1. Alice says:

        Agreed. I admit, I've always found it weird that even when not surrounded by photographers, Katie was carrying the otherwise terribly independent Suri. Now it makes sense, if Katie really wasn't onboard with Scientology, that she would be suspicious of even her own entourage and would literally keep a tight grip on her daughter at all times. Now that there's that SUV staking out her new apartment, maybe she had the right idea all along.

    3. DeDe says:

      Why does The Frisky care that Suri gets carried. Most of those photos of her are when she was younger. Imagine moving through a crowd of paparazzi with a 4-year-old. I have an almost 5-year-old and I still pick her up when I'm worried she'll get knocked down or hurt (moving through a crowd at a theme park or crossing a busy street in a hurry) and sometimes because I love her and just want to. She's a perfectly well-adjusted kid despite the hip time. It must be tough to be a celebrity mom and constantly being judged….most of it trivial. Also, kids Siri's age are very independent. They know what they like. I think Siri likes her heels. My daughter has this ugly hat that a friend gave her that she thinks goes with everything. People love to judge other people…an entire section of the magazines is dedicated to it. If the worse gossip about KH is that her kid wears heels and gets picked, up then she's doing better than most I suppose.

      1. DeDe says:

        **picked up,

      2. Jeanie says:

        *** Suri. Siri is an iphone app.

    4. Kla says:

      Something to think abt… Tom has two older kids. Did he send them to this sea org? If he had, I am sure we would have heard about it.. If he did not, why would Katie think he will send Suri?

      1. They went and are full Scientogist they do not see their mother anymore. Google interviews Nicole Kidman has done concerning the "religion" and her kids. It is pretty sad.

    5. Frederica says:

      But, now that Suri Cruise is 6-years-old, her dad was ready to send her the Scientology boat camp Sea Organization.

    6. Lucy says:

      Didn't Katie know what she was getting into (religion wise) when she met Tom? Everyone knew he's been a Scientologist for a looong time. Then she got pregnant. It takes a quick Google search to find out what this religion is all about and how it treats its members including children. She could have walked/run away before marrying him and raise her child without him. What made her marry him if she never embraced Scientology from the get-go? And why does Tom keep marrying women with other religions? Aren't there any available Scientologist women he could marry? Jeez.

    7. Carissa Wood says:

      His other two kids are sent to scientology school. That's why she is worried that Suri will be sent there too. And I think it is the best decision for her and Suri. Well she should've done it years ago, but uhm….better late than never.

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