50 Reasons To Marry Tom Cruise

In honor of the Scientologist’s 50th birthday, and to highlight his very public divorce even more, we’ve come up with a list of the top 50 reasons you should apply to be the next Mrs. Tom Cruise.

Let’s remember that he’s adorable, has a winning smile and he’s aging VERY well. But he’s also somewhat insane.

Here’s why you need to marry him:



    1. Anonynous says:

      You're an idiot.

    2. jessica says:

      i concur i feel that he is the worst person to marry, and there is a reason that katie holmes is running away from this uber creep

    3. CRUISEISAKOOK says:

      For each one of those 50 REASONS TO MARRY TOM CRUISE, there are obviously over 2,000 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULDN'T MARRY HIM!! :p


    4. John Moore says:

      who wanna marry TOM CRUISE then ? :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    5. Sarah says:

      I'm pretty sure his wives divorced him, not the other way around. So it's just a massive coincidence that all his marriages have ended when his wives were 33 years old, not because of any decision of his.

      1. Kimber says:

        Nope – he divorced Nicole……..and Mimi…….. Katie is the first to wake up on her own.

      2. Victoria says:


    6. Glendora says:

      Let’s remember that he’s adorable, has a winning smile and he’s aging VERY well. But he’s also somewhat insane.

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    8. ccf says:

      he should marry a black woman…..yep

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    10. deb says:

      The guy is a creep! He's dumber than a sack of nails (just smiles and laughs throughout interviews cuz he can't string a sentence together), and then he's got that wacky scientology crap he believes in, with all the fellow scientologists following the wives around wherever they go – the whole thing is beyond creepy! After everything that has been reported about scientologists, any woman who wants Tom deserves having her brainless body wired up to some fake little box with wires!

    11. Sandra says:

      He seems to be a cool guy, but I would not marry him.

    12. Sandra M says:

      For his age he looks really hot, I think it would be nice to have somebody like him.

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