Why Summer Sex is the Best Sex!

The heat is ON! I love sex in the summer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love sex at all times of the years and in most climates, but there’s something special about summer sex. Somehow being in the heat puts me IN heat. As well it should. People make their arguments about what their favorite kind of weather is, cold, hot or temperate, but their favorite season for sexual activity? I’m making my argument for that delectable mid-section of the year.

First off, clothes are off. For guys, the first warm day of the year is better than Christmas, Black Friday and Free Comic Book Day all rolled into one. Why? Seemingly out of nowhere, there are nothing but beautiful women. Where did they come from? Have they been hibernating? No! They’re just wearing fewer clothes. And what does more flesh do? It makes us think more about…S-E-X. Our visual senses are swimming with fantasies! Bikinis, mini-skirts, skin-tight shirts, hair down and let out, there’s no hiding the boobs or washboard abs (not all the visuals are coming from you, Ladies). From the moment we wake up and look out of the window, we’re thinking about sex. Meaning, we’re hungrier for it.

And damn if increased appetite doesn’t make it better. I mean, come on, the best sex is the sex you’re aching to have. The anticipation makes it mind-blowing and the summer is 3 months of anticipation. You know why else sex is better in summer? Sense of spontaneity.

God bless the summer dress. There’s no awkward 30 seconds of trying to pull off the skinny jeans, you can take your partner from behind and surprise her. There’s a greater sense of liberation and the kind of clothing we’re wearing and not having to wear definitely encourages it. Sex becomes more playful, surprising, and less work so far as logistics are concerned. The summer dress is a natural aphrodisiac. I pay worship to thee gods of fashion. The spontaneity and feeling of freedom to have sex more of the time is coupled by the greater sense of adventure because you’re free to go more places.

When does everyone go on vacation? Summer (yeah, Xmas and Thanksgiving, too, but those are for family, so, SQUIRREL!). And when do a lot of people pump up their sex lives? On vacation. You’re more at ease, you’re less stressed, and happier to get undressed! The 9-5 work week can kill a man’s libido, thankfully the summer arrives and gives our penises a reprieve from shriveling stress. Tell the Tardis where you want to go and get ready to utilize the many functions of your sonic screwdrivers-which if there hasn’t been a sex toy based on that object yet, get on it BBC, being British doesn’t excuse the dismissal of a multi-million dollar idea.

Sex is all about the heat. Heat evokes passion and freedom, two key components for having great sex. We’re more visually stimulated. The environmental factors kick into our favor. We let go of the puritanical chains of the winter months and give ourselves permission to be sexular (not a typo, just a kickass new word). Sweat, flesh, and fun, the heat is on and the undies come off.

Summer, thank you for coming. If only there were 500 days of you…

Hellooooooo Nurse!

The Dude



    1. arizonapenguin says:

      You are so obviously not from Arizona….lol

      1. djnemec says:

        Unless you're turned on by sweatsports. I hope that's not a thing.

    2. Ellen - University of Manchester says:

      so true, sex in the summer always seems dirtier for some reason

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    4. Lilbudha says:

      Never thought about. I dread the summer because only about .005% of the population has any business going half naked but most do. I actually eat less during the summer, not because the heat decreased my appetite but all the g strings sticking out of three pound asses do. Oh and don't get me started on flip flops. Whoever invented those should be choked with one.

      Sex is hot if you make it hot. Being stressed and location are all excuses to not be creative. If your dude is more amped in the summer for sex girls, get a new dude.

    5. lucy says:

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    10. KJK says:

      Why do guys like sun dresses so much? I've always wondered.

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