Tom Cruise’s Creepiest Pictures [Photos]

If Katie Holmes needs more evidence to prove that Tom Cruise shouldn’t have joint custody of Suri, then she should look no further than these pictures of him. I’d like to go on a whole rant about how I used to be this huge Tom fan and now he’s just ruined everything, but the truth is I always knew he was weird. Nine out of ten people with crazy eyes are actually crazy (don’t worry, I’m a professional…). Even Christian Bale has been quoted saying that Tom Cruise was his inspiration for Patrick Bateman in American Psycho– what with his “very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes.”

I had to go into the depths of hell to retrieve this post, and I may need therapy. If you’re actually a fan and this offends you, I’m deeply sorry, but look for yourself and I dare you not to agree.

Check them out below!



    1. Ellen - University of Manchester says:

      he is SO creepy

      1. Kelis says:

        You're creepy. And you don't make millions. OR DO YOU!?!?!

    2. Rachel says:

      Oh my gosh! This made me laugh a lot… What a creep :O

    3. Kelis says:

      But he's made some pretty darn good films. I think he's only a scientologist because they have some massive dirt on him.

    4. Nina says:

      hahahaaaaaaaa I've always thought he looked a little odd at times. The 9th pic with all the tatoos and the guyliner is pretty creepy lol

    5. Ariana Romero says:

      Oh Tom Cruise, you slay me. How did he get so creepy? Or rather, why?

    6. Eric Miller says:

      he should play ted bundy in a biopic.

    7. Jessica says:

      Several of these pictures weren't *that* creepy, they were just generic Tom Cruise pictures. Like their wedding shot, Top Gun, the drawing, etc. Many of the photo choices seem lazy, given all the creepy Tom Cruise photos out there if one looked a little harder.

    8. Hirom says:

      / Great and refreshing pics!! Thanks to the ppeloe taking control over on this awesome page!!I can see how happy he is in Asia!! let me say they are the most amazing fans & he can feel the excitement they come out of their heartsI’m still hoping his coming to Colombia & other south America countries

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