Apparently Kate Upton is Fat This Week [Photos]

Our society is full of new fads: new phones, new computers, new styles and, apparently, a new view on what the perfect woman should look like.

Years ago, women aspired to have that curvaceous bod, the body that men loved and clothing flattered, the body that allowed women to look defined yet healthy.  But lately, that image has become dangerously morphed.  Curves have become a major no-no in the fashion world, in the movie world, in the real world.  Girls everywhere are reading magazines with advertisements featuring models who are slim enough to be mannequins and coiffed enough to look like bombshells.  See the problem with this is the definition of what a model truly is, something that I think this society seems to have forgotten.  A model is supposed to be an example, and an example is something representative and worthy of striving for.  Young girls who have not yet even had the opportunity to come into themselves are being taught or told to imitate the scary skinniness some of these “models” represent.

Not all models follow that stereotype though.  Some embrace the not-so- emaciated look that was once standard by showing off slightly “fuller” (if you can even call it that) figures.  One of these woman is Kate Upton.  If you have never heard of her, she’s an American model and appeared as the cover model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  She’s a beautiful girl, but recently she was called fat by a “pro-anorexic” site that posted comments like, “Huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs, terrible body definition — she looks like a squishy brick. Is this what American women are “striving” for now? The lazy, lardy look? Have we really gotten so fat in this country that Kate is the best we can aim for? Sorry, but: eww!”

Now, I am appalled by this type of reaction to a woman who is beautiful, sexy, healthy and, most importantly, clearly comfortable in her own body.  How can that not be enough?

The answer to that is: it is enough; it’s more than enough.  These sites that constantly put others down also consequently, assist us in putting ourselves down as well.  Bashing on the internet is so easy to do, and pro-anorexic sites only add fuel to a fire that MUST be distinguished.

So, I say we make a new fad.  But with this fad, instead of focusing on a specific look, I say we focus on a specific feeling.  And that feeling is good.  I say we start to try our hardest to feel good about ourselves.  And with that, we can help and allow others to feel good, let the haters hate and let ourselves, the lovers, love.

Here are the photos of Kate that were being discussed. You tell us what you think…

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    1. Katie says:

      I'd like to point out that this site is not pro-anorexic, it just prefers the skinny look.
      Personally I think Kate Upton is indeed a little too fat, and the pictures of her eating a burger are gross. It's nice for her that she is so comfortable in her body, but she's too heavy to be a model.

      1. Kelly says:

        Bullshit. "Too fat" for what? To be a model – really??? Why can't models (i.e. fancy clothes hangers) show what a given type of clothing would look like on a body type, regardless of what body type it might be? Do not look to pop culture to give you an impossible standard to live up to. I guarantee you will fall short of the wonders of Photoshopping. Models are genetic anomalies – a tiny portion of the population who meet whatever the current standard in the fashion industry may be. Our current culture has imbued us with overwhelming feelings of insecurity to the point that we no longer can tell what we want from what we're told we want.

      2. kiki says:

        A website that offers a "Starving Tip of the Day" is probably pro-anorexic. Unless your definitions of skinny, healthy, fat, and anorexic are all skewed. Just one second while I reread your post to find any indication that you think the models–or women the rest of us are told to be like–should show no evidence of being humans. Oh ok, that makes sense now. If only we could find a way to stop her from looking so happy all the time. F#cking ridiculous.

      3. Anabel says:

        It's funny because your ideas of skinny-healthy-fat-anorexic are all skewed.

        Has it ever occured to you that our bodies AREN'T supposed to be carrying extra weight? That anorexia isn't keeping yourself slender, its a DISEASE? That healthy and skinny is not only possible, BUT they go hand in hand.

      4. Marina says:

        This is definitely a pro-ana site! Just by looking at the background you can tell it is. There's a girl with her hip bone sticking out.

      5. Erin says:

        Um, the author dictates a food diary of less than 350 calories a day, most from liquids. That's actually the definition of anorexia. Duh.

    2. tierneymarie says:

      Good lord, if Kate Upton is fat I'd hate to think what that would make me…

      1. Marina says:

        My thoughts exactly! The person who wrote this clearly has an unhealthy fear of food and looking healthy. I think she is so beautiful and so many girls would love to look like her. And I doubt there are very many guys who would think she is not stunning.

      2. Trololo is obvious says:

        A sumo wrestler, probably. I hear McMahon is looking to (ahem) expand into Japan.

        So long and thanks for all the sushi, a**hole!

    3. Opinanated. says:

      She looks normal. She looks like any normal girl would if she excerised and ate right. I don't understand how she is fat. There is something wrong with society if this is fat. And if there are pictures of her eating a burger, thats something postive. Better than seeing pictues of models with needels and all sorts of surgial tools pointed at them for plastic surgery. In my mind Kate Upton is a good model and she has a postive body type.

    4. Blair says:

      The Skinny Gossip website was posting an opinion, not a fact. And let me just clear up a few things first.

      SG is NOT a pro-ana website. You need only to look at a true pro-ana website and SG to see the many differences there. Pro-ana websites proudly proclaim their unhealthy lifestyles and endorse disordered eating. Skinny Gossip is simply a forum for women who like a certain body type – similar to the commenters on this article who obviously prefer a more curvy body type. It isn't wrong to be skinny. It isn't wrong to be fat. You cannot attack one end of the spectrum and not the other.
      And another thing. Anorexia is a disease. it is not a choice. It is not a lifestyle. Stop assuming that skinny woman are anorexic or bulimic, its offensive and factually wrong.

      1. kathy says:

        I have been to that site. The hate they spew while hiding behind their keyboard is insane. They name names and get real nasty about it and try to justify the hate by saying these people are in the public eye so they deserve the hate. So far I have not seen that kind of hate here. There is a huge difference between the two websites.

      2. Meowmix says:

        THANK YOU.

    5. Ellen - University of Manchester says:

      I can't believe pro-ana sites are still around, they're so horrible! Kate Upton is in no way fat. Considering that pretty much every guy is obsessed with her right now, if she's fat, I'd like to be fat too

    6. Nixifer says:

      I am definitely not pro-anorexic, and I think it is damn wonderful that she's so confortable in her skin and she seems like a very nice girl.
      However, a model is suposed to be a paragon of beauty, or our twisted beauty ideals anyway. And I definitely agree that the 15-year-old, eating-disordered models made up to look like they're in their mid-twenties are NOT doing anyone any favors as far as self-esteem, but I don't think Kate Upton is a particularly healthy ideal either.
      I don't think she's fat by any means, just very, very soft; she looks very sedentary in these photos. In a word(s?): skinny-fat. Skinny-fat is nothing to aspire to. She has no visible muscle tone, not even the hint of any underlying muscular structure (that even fit but overweight have).
      And she appears to carry a lot of her softness is visceral, which is the worst place to keep your fat.
      It's a great that she doesn't hate herself about not having a visible spinal column, but she's not some healthy ideal either.
      And honestly, in the world of modeling, she is "fat". Just like there are "fat" ballerinas who weigh 120. It's relative fatness. And she's relatively fat. But she's probably more beautiful for it regardless

    7. Marie says:

      kate upton is hot and i love my curvy body whether YOU love it or not!

      1. I LOVE IT! you goooo girl

    8. Rebekah says:

      The owner of that site put up a notice saying she did not promote anorexia or self harm but only healthy ideals, but then the forums are full of 5’8″ + girls hi are saying their goal weights are 100 pounds or less… Yeah cause that’s totally healthy. Give me a break.

    9. TTT says:

      If she had been put in an outfit that FIT her better she would not have received nearly as much negative attention. Could she be in better shape? Probably. But that just means her life does not revolve around tanning, exercising, and not eating just to make everyone happy. SHE LOOKS FANTASTIC AND HER FACE IS TO DIE FOR.

      However, even just writing this I feel a bit hypocritical, because I know that if I looked like she does I likely WOULD think I was fat.

    10. stephanie says:

      I just have to comment on this! I was anorexic for almost 3 years of my life, it was absolutely dreadful. Its not just about food or your weight, it is all comsuming, changes the way you think, live and interact with others. its really is a sickness. after i dugg myself out of my disease, i gained an awful lot of weight, and have been unable to take it off in the last 5 years. the disease completely changes your body forever, i work out eat well and cant drop a pound cause my bodys metabolism is completely off because of my disease that was 5 years ago! my body bothers me ever day, and i still think like an anorexic, i just found ways to cope. i would love to have a body that is half or a quarter as beautiful as this lovely lady, an i can only hope that young woman today will love themselves and not fall victim to this ridiculous battle of the bulge. eat healthy be active and love life and yourself. if someone doesnt like the way you look, too bad for them!! Kate is beautiful and i hope she continues to smile!

    11. Hank says:

      Who is Kate Upton? And why do I care if anyone called her fat???

      She is certainly not skinny ; so who cares if some interpret that as fat?

      Such highschool melodrama.

      The current global state of the economy and rising unemployment everywhere are far more important issues to be worried about than playing Camp-Upton or not.

    12. Sima Agayeva says:

      She's average at best. Nothing too remarkable.

    13. Dani says:

      I think if she had actually been put in clothes that fit, this wouldn't be an issue. This is just shoddy work on the desgner's part.

    14. hannah says:

      its refreshing to see that a woman famous for her body and beauty is curvy just like the majority of us girls. the website that called kate "fat" is ridiculous. women come in all body types and it is important that the models we look up to reflect this.

    15. Lacey says:

      She is not fat by any means…but since her job requires wearing less clothing then I would suggest she tones up. But she looks 100% healthy and normal!:)

    16. Tanya says:

      I just went through some of the posts on the website. What they find beautiful is frightening…

    17. lifestyletea says:

      she's sexy as f*ck!

    18. lalexgeorge says:

      If she's fat, I wouldn't mind looking like that! People are just jealous

    19. Kari says:

      Wowzers, I checked out the source webpage – so much anger and hatred… I'm glad the skinny girls I know in my life aren't anything like the skinny girls on that website! Maybe she should change the name to Skinny Bitches?

    20. David Egan says:

      HATERS!!! Kate Upton is fire and the Marilyn Monroe of today! Even Weezy says "BITCH eat something, I don't like skinny hoes"

    21. anon says:

      People with a mental illness that affects their body image think a healthy person looks fat? SHOCKING.

      These pro-ana sites are, by the way, just a symptom of a bigger problem, and media and fashion valuing thinness is hardly news.

    22. Avia says:

      She's not fat BUT she definitely needs to tone up! Marilyn Monroe definitely had a DEFINED waistline despite weighing much more than today's skinny.

    23. Madi says:

      The website that posted that article is absolutely terrifying; I didn't realize the main objective of life was to bash those who don't look exactly like you. My best friend is under 100 pounds because she's built that way and would never judge another person's body the way that website has done. We're all built differently–as that horrendous blog failed to acknowledge.

    24. I wish I was this "FAT" I would be the happiest person on earth!!!

    25. Cissy says:

      She isn't fat but that bra does NOT fit her… it looks like it's pinching her.

      1. LOL yeah i also noticed that first😛

    26. Holly says:

      I went to the website and read the article and comments…it makes me sick these people calling her fat! She is an average body and I think she looks sexy and natural! Those B*&ches need to shut up and go eat a sandwich!

      1. Anonymous says:

        It makes me sick that you say shit like that about people with eating disorders.

    27. […] Our society often puts celebrities on a pedestal of physiological perfection. In our eyes, they have the perfect shape, perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect everything. It’s refreshing to know that they are just people! Here are a few of our favorite celebrity before and after photoshop moments. Most of them are just as beautiful pre-photoshop, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. […]

    28. Anonymous says:

      Is she fat? Depends on how you look at it.

      As a woman? No, she's very average (except for her huge boobs, of course).

      As a bikini model? No; again, average.

      As a fashion model? Yes!
      She looks to be about 20-30 pounds over the ideal weight for runway. This is why this blog is caling her fat. Because she's walking on runways that were built for a women who weigh 125 pounds at the maximum. Sorry
      if that stings, but that's just how the fashion industry is.

      Also, what's up with the hacking and rape-threats this blogger is getting? It's disgusting how people will turn so vile just because someone disagrees with their opinion!

    29. Pro-Ana FTW says:

      Upton IS fat, and anyone who thinks otherwise must be Jabba (Chubba?) the Hutt. Didn’t anyone see the picture? I didn’t even know who the hell she was before, but you know what? Now I’m even more thinspired NOT to be an ugly “curvy” slut like that fata** stripper.

      The only reason any man would f*ck that ugly piece of sh*t is because a) he’s a starving African who likes big Lard-ass-ian butts and cannot lie, or b) wants to make sure he can raid the fridge after sex. Roll over and smoke, why don’t you, like they used to — at least cigarettes speed up your fxcking metabolism.

      At least when dating a REAL skinny girl you get a handle on some ribs.

      Fxck you, American fatsos, with your Jabbafer Huttson and Dude I’m Gettin’ Adele That’s Big As A Mainframe. You all suck, and you deserve to get a heart attack from your supersized diversity with a side of fries and a gallon Coke. The hell I’m paying for your fxcking insulin under the Sheniqua healthcare plan just ’cause yo’ black daddy Obummer likes his women thick as a brick as a hip-shakin’ sp*ck. Betta check yo’self befo’ ya wreck yo’self.

    30. she is... says:

      For a model, she really is fat. Like, plus-sized. And to be frank, I don't think she should be considered "skinny" in comparison to the rest of the world either. Maybe in America we think she's skinny because we are morbidly obese… but come on. Despite what her agency says, her waist has got to be at least a 30 (we should get a video of her being measured). And don't ignore that lingerie/bride picture that's on here and on that skinny blog…. fat rolls are everywhere. Her face is also so average. I swear this hype wouldn't exist if she wasn't blonde. Cool, she has boobs… big boobs don't count when you're fat.

    31. alittle says:

      Kate Upton doesn't look like a runway model because she has meat. Sure she's an apple shape, like TONS of other women, but it shouldn't matter. She's gorgeous, why would anyone have to be a toothpick to be considered beautiful? It shameful. It doesn't matter what size she is because she is healthy of body and mind. Besides, I easily fit into size 00-2 and I do NOT think she looks fat!

    32. LALALA says:

      She is meaty, but she's beautiful and I think she's my new role model.❤

    33. Leila says:

      I think Kate Upon is pretty, but not beautiful., an 8 out of 10 at best, based on a model scale. Also she does look a little chunky in those pictures, models are suppose to have immaculate bodies. I’ve seen her look better, but just like anyone else, we all have good photos and bad photos of ourselves. In my honest opinion, comparing old Kate with new Kate, she was a lot prettier before when she weighed less. She was closer to being a runway model/high fashion model back then, where as now she’s more commercial/mainstream. I wouldn’t go as far as to say she’s fat, but she’s also not considered skinny, she’s average.

      I took a peek at that site and it does seem like some of the women on there are anorexic, but they could also just be women who prefer being skinny. There’s nothing wrong if someone likes that, it’s all about personal preference. Some men like blondes, some men like brunettes, some men like skinny, some men like curvy. I say we all should strive to be our best version of ourselves. Just forget what everyone else thinks, and if Kate Upon is happy with the way she looks then good for her.

    34. Anonymous says:

      If she dropped 10 pounds, she'd be okay.
      I expect that the only people up in arms about her being called fat are women who weigh even more than she does, who feel threatened by people pointing out that rolls and cellulite don't look attractive.
      They don't. Some of these photos are disgusting.
      Women shouldn't strive to simply "accept their own bodies" – that's bullshit. If they don't like what they see, then they should work to change it instead of patting themselves on the back through another candy bar. I don't see anyone complaining about makeup – why don't women just accept their faces, hmm? Because people in this country are lazy – makeup is easy, but dieting's so haaarrrrd, they don't wanna try.
      Proper diet and exercise will produce a good body in just about anyone. THIN and TONED is sexy. "Meat" doesn't have to be, and shouldn't be, fat. Women can have muscle too. Doesn't mean you have to be super-skinny.
      Kate is not obese, by any means, and she might not even fall into "overweight" on the BMI scale. But she's definitely on the high end of "healthy" and not something to admire.
      I agree with every comment the pro-ana site made about her body, and about the lazy people who would rather lash out at this blogger than face the truth.
      And I won't even go into the fact that people call celebrities anorexic and disgustingly thin all the time, and no one speaks a word against it. It applies to both ends. You wouldn't tell a fat person on the street to skip a meal, so don't tell a skinny person to "go eat a sandwich", because that makes you an even worse bitch.

      Sorry for the rant.

      1. Maye says:

        'If she dropped 10 pounds, she'd be okay. '
        Someone ring Kate now and tell her that her body isn't good enough for you, I'm sure she's going to be beside herself to satisfy your idea of beauty.
        She's the one with the modelling career at the end of the day, and I know I'd kill to have a body like hers,even though I'd say she's defiantly heavier than me.
        If your agreeing with a pro ana website, you should probably go see a psychiatrist asap instead of posting cruel, abusive things about people you don't know on the internet

      2. Meowmix says:

        You're actually somewhat right. While I wouldn't kick her out of bed, and I certainly wouldn't judge anyone based upon their looks or tell them how they should look, I do see too much misinterpretation of self-esteem. Self-esteem is confidence in yourself. However, if someone isn't confident in their body, who the hell am I or who is anyone else to tell him or her if he or she can or can't change it?? I find that people don't like moderation; they have to take one extreme or the other. Either "I'm so fat, I need to change myself and the only way to do this is by never eating again," or "Marilyn Monroe is right, I AM beautiful no matter what! I don't have to do shit, and because I don't have to do shit, I won't!" My main point is, don't tell other people what does and doesn't work for them, what they should do, what they should eat, think, drink, and say; don't call people with different body types cows, and don't call people who may be naturally skinny (and perhaps self-conscious about that) emaciated, anorexic little boys. Basically don't be a dick

    35. Abby says:

      I think in this case it is "take it from who it comes", a pro-anorexic site will obviously say she is fat because their opinions are distorted!

    36. Lou says:

      I'm sorry but the fact we have to even discuss the topic is a shameful sign of how far back feminism has gone. How dare we pick ANY woman apart based solely on her appearance- regardless of what industry she is in, regardless of how obese or skinny or whatever the hell shape or 'condition' they're in. SHe is a model, she gets work, she makes money for herself and her agency, end of story. If you think she's beautiful, great. If not, great too. Focus on more important things like global warming or families living on poverty for god's sake. And go read The Beauty Myth!

    37. tony says:

      For even more lolz, read the forum posts about the article…

    38. @WTFab1 says:

      Here's my take on people calling Kate Upton "fat"!

    39. Dani says:

      Pathetic girls think they can compare themselves to her? Ignore the classical good lucks and successful modelling campaign one moment, she's on the cover of Sports Illustrated which means by definition she's what guy's consider a Goddess, and that means she's is our societies example of perfect body shape and looks. Maybe the emaciated girls who no boy looks twice at, should stop bitching from behind their computers and eat a sandwich to kill their hunger pains which are not only making them jealous shrews but obviously effecting the quality of their sight. Why do girls always have to try and take each other down, still pathetic ladies.

      1. cubra says:

        on the cover of si, she was great. but either some of those pictures are really unflattering, or she has gained about 10 lbs. i vote for the latter. i think she got too conceited and decided 10 lbs. couldn't hurt her.

    40. Carrie says:

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    42. Bob says:

      Why are so many of these critiques tiptoeing around the issue? Weight isn't this girl's problem, her awkward body shape is. Girl is built like a refrigerator, and as if to add insult to injury, she also has a bad case of chicken-leg syndrome. It's truly astonishing that a girl like that could land an SI cover. She must know people in high places.😉

    43. Michael says:

      Unfortunately this is the new "amazing" body here in America 2013, wow!!

      She's on the cover of Sports Illustrated which means by definition she's what guy's consider a Goddess, and that means she's is our societies example of perfect body shape and looks, wow!!.

      Is a trick/cheat/mislead/hoax to the consumer showing to the people something than is not real, like the
      top 10 sexiest woman alive, etc, etc, there are many beautiful really nice bodies out there better than this poor lady.
      I don't like anorexic women even skinny women , but not fat, please, there are amazing fitness woman then should be in her place.

    44. Ulysses says:

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    45. resultplanet says:

      Great article! I think Kate Upton is hot and is in NO WAY fat. She’s natural, which is super refreshing! She’s got curves, she doesn’t starve herself, and she hasn’t had so much plastic surgery you can’t recognize her. She’s beautiful and a great role model for the average woman.

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