Why You Should Start a Blog Before You Graduate

Five years ago, straight A’s and a good internship where enough to land you a job at companies like Accenture, Goldman Sachs, and Amazon.com.

Sadly, this just won’t cut it anymore, because even class presidents are finding themselves jobless on their friend’s, or worse their parents’, couch.

What’s the answer? It’s not another internship. Instead, try using your 4 years of college to build an online presence that makes you stand out and maybe even turns into a small income. Listen to these tips to get yourself on the web, influencing others and creating original content people will love:

Start up your own blog or website. Blogs can be ridiculously funny, helpful, and entertaining. Guides on how and where to blog will help you get started, and if you do it right you’ll attract paying advertisers. Right after I graduated, I learned of a blog project a few girls called “betches” the year below me were working on. They basically created a guide for girls who love city life and dominate their social scene. They now blog full-time.

Read the rest of Greg’s tips here and then finally get started on that blog you and your friends always said you should create!

Greg Narayan was voted “chillest kid” in high school and is the lead editor at “Honest College“, a college advice and opinion blog. Say hello to him on Twitter.

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    1. Kate says:

      I am half a year abroad and I started a blog to keep my family and friends updated – now I have over a thousand fews, about thirty per day, and I've recently been added to StumbleUpon! That may not sound like a lot but I never expected it to get more than a few views a day. It's fun!

      1. Kate says:

        Wow, that was really badly written, I apologize
        *I am spending half a year abroad
        *over a thousand views

    2. laughingfish13 says:

      Oh, I have a website with a blog, and I've had one since high school. It's not super popular or anything, but it's been top of the page on a few Google searches. The problem is I'm ridiculously blunt and can be a bit crude in some of my entries, but there are warning labels for content and a lot of the articles are interesting opinion pieces or science pieces (I"m a Chem Major). I'm not too sure any potential employer is going to want someone as snarky as I can get. Anyone interested can check out http://www.wordflow.webs.com and click on "Musings".

    3. […] can see how, especially in certain areas of business, having a blog could boost your employment chances quite a bit, but this is pretty crazy, you must admit. I sound and feel so old when I say that […]

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