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The Weirdest Penis We’ve Ever Seen [WTF Friday]

Most of the time when we think of animals we imagine adorable puppies, kittens (fish?) or the zoo. But did you ever stop to think of their sex lives or… their sex organs?┬áNo, I don’t think so. Or I didn’t until today when I came across two intriguing articles on some very “special” animals.

Let’s start off with their sex lives. You thought humans had a crazy sex drive? Think again. According to The Date Report, penguins (yes, you read right) are sex MANIACS! You’d be surprised to hear what these kinky winter animals are into…

Next up in the animal kingdom is the weirdest freakin’ penis I’ve ever seen. Let me tell you, this thing is BIZARRE. It literally looks like a foot with four toes. Or better yet, an octupus tentacle stemming from between this hedgehog’s legs. I really have no words. Thank you The Date Report for teaching me something new today.

All I really have left to say is: WTF!!!

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