Snooki Tweets A No-Makeup Photo And Shocks Us All

We all know a little bit too much about those fab reality TV stars.  I mean we literally watch their every move as they try to remind us that they’re “just like us!”, aside for the crazy amounts of money they have or the fact that it seems as though they never have legitimate WORK to do…

But now one very special, very fun-sized reality TV star is showing off the “real” her.  What am I rambling about?  Recently, Snooki has tweeted a picture of her and her blank canvas, a makeup-less face!  And she actually looks… well, sorta normal.  I know, shocker, I mean considering the looks she usually rocks.  But hey, I give her props, it looks like our little Snooki isn’t as outrageous looking (naturally) as we thought!  What a relief!

Well, Snooki, we love you one way or the other, so I felt it was necessary to, for your sake, include some of your “other” Twitter looks, as well! Enjoy!



    1. SpartaBug93 says:

      *gasp* she's pretty when she has no make up and fake tan!

    2. Abby says:

      She actually looks quite pretty, reminds me of that cheetah girl that Rob Kardashian used to date.

    3. rhonda says:

      Are you kidding me…..I'm sorry, but in her case, she looks way better with makeup on. Usually it's the opposite, but i don't think she looks pretty at all without makeup….ugh…

      1. Jim Job says:

        Well Rhonda, you certainly have the right to your opinion. Personally, this girl makes me ill made up or not. She does however, in my opinion, look better without it. She always puts so much on, she must keep the local paint store in business…

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