Celebrity Couples Who Need To Break Up

I love celebrities. I love celeb babies, celeb fashion, celeb weddings, celeb divorces and especially celebrity couples. I love the way the internet explodes when two hot celebs start dating. Anytime someone like Taylor Swift or Jennifer Aniston gets into a new relationship, people analyze every detail of the new couple (“They were seen eating at this fancy restaurant, which must mean they are celebrating something special or she went on vacation alone, which must mean a break up is imminent”).

There are some celebrity couples who I would love to see stay together forever, like Beyonce and Jay-Z, or Kanye and Kim (they are perfect for each other..admit it). But there are also some celebrity couples who need to break up ASAP. Some couples just don’t make sense. They seem forced or like the two people are just wrong for each other. The only thing better than an internet explosion about a couple getting together is an internet explosion about the couple splitting up (TomKat, anyone?).



    1. Carly says:

      The woman with Channing Tatum in the slideshow isn't his wife

      1. Jessica Zaleski - University of Florida says:

        Ah forgive me for the photo error! When I'm looking at a picture with Channing in it, it's hard to pay attention to any other part of the photo!

    2. Jacki says:

      Yeah, I agree with Carly. That is actually Rachel Nichols.

    3. Sima Agayeva says:

      In defense of Kristen Stewart, since you guys make a point to call her out on everything, some guys like girls who are unique and have offbeat sense of humors. I joke like Kristen Stewart. Guys are still drawn to me. Give it a rest. It's none of your business whether she smiles or not.

    4. Sima Agayeva says:

      This is a stupid article.

    5. anonymous says:

      why are you bashing people in happy relationships. someone's clearly bitter and single…
      oh and connecticut is pretty great.. not everyone wants to be stalked by paparazzi..

    6. Carey A M says:

      Aside from the photo error about Mrs. Jenna Dewan-Tatum, I agree with most of the couples on this list. Somewhere inside I think Robert married (or are they just engaged?) Kristen so she would stop stalking him on the set of Twilight. I will always hold out hope that somehow Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston get back together. But Channing Tatum? He married a great girl from my hometown, and they seem so sweet together! So I'd like to see them grow old an wrinkly together.

    7. kay says:

      i can see you jokingly want other couples split up, but brad and angelina have so many kids, it would be just tragic for their children. how could you want that for those young kids just for your own entertainment?

    8. Sophia says:

      Totally agree with you since Ryan Gosling is too good looking/perfect to be with Eva Mendes. I also am holding out for Britney and Justin to get back together but I doubt they will after all that happened between them haha.

    9. Kate says:

      I am pretty sure this article isn't serious all the way. Like I joke around saying I wish Chris Hemsworth would get a divorce so I can marry him. I would be so sad if he actually did because he has a child, and seems in love.
      Also I agree with the comment on Kristen Stewart, I don't get why people bash her so much. I think she is gorgeous. Sure she is awkward, but I think it has a lot to do with being shy and then being thrown in the public eye, she probably just don't grasp how to act to it all yet.

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