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Fashion’s Coolest Muses

Rumor has it that Karl Lagerfeld has named a bag after his famous cat, the adorable Choupette. Journalist Cathy Horyn sparked excitement by tweeting ‘just saw the Choupette bag in the studio at Chanel. Knitted, soft. Name of Karl’s cat’, bumping up little Choupette’s star status as the fashion elite waited with bated breath for a confirmation that yes, there will be a bag inspired by the cat. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Choupette yet, check out her twitter page… yes, she has one, and over 10,000 followers. But as cute and popular as Choupette is, she’s not the first muse to inspire a designer.

Check out the men, women and animals who have acted as the most famous muses to the fashion elite in our gallery below!

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