The Most (and Least) Embarrassing Moments During Sex [He Said/She Said]

You know what they don’t show you in movies? All the gross, difficult and embarrassing things that come as part of sex. Seriously, have you ever seen the hot rom-com guy finish too soon, or the cute girl have a little trouble getting turned on? I didn’t think so.

But sex can be humiliating, whether it’s in a relationship or a random hook up. Personally I’m the clumsiest person ever, so I’ve gotten over the embarrassment of accidentally kicking a guy or getting stuck in my own clothes, but there are loads of other embarrassing moments that you just can’t avoid. Here are 20 awkward things that that run from being mildly embarrassing, to completely “change your name and phone number” mortifying…

And click here to see what He Said are his most embarrassing moments in bed!!

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    1. Kelis says:

      Markvelous job. LOL

    2. Danielle says:

      How is queefing worse than farting?

      1. Ellen - University of Manchester says:

        Haha I guess to some people it isn't, I think because it's not discussed as openly I just find it really awkward? I guess it depends on your openness!

    3. wobsy says:

      If you don't take sex too seriously, any and all of these are an excuse for a laugh and more sex. Sex is fun: stop believing it always has to be perfect.

      1. Ellen - University of Manchester says:

        Totally agree! Once people get over the embarrassment all of these things can be funny!

      2. Jill Jones says:

        Agreed.I was wondering through the article why the author was telling me how I would feel and how my partner would feel-which was,according to the author "Horribly embarassed" WRONG!!!!!!!!!! Some of these are things you should just laugh about,and with all the others you should reassure your partner and move on quickly.If he doesn't do the same for you you're just uncovered a red flag.

    4. Amon says:

      This is straight up sleezy.

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    6. Allison says:

      How is "not getting it up" the "female equivalent"? Most of the time, it has nothing to do with the guy not finding her visually appealing (or he wouldn't be attempting the act with her in the first place). Sorry, this one's one the guy and his stress/medications/whatever. BO? I remember a commercial where a bride was embarrassed because it was her wedding night and she was afraid of sweating. I think if you're getting it on and NOT sweating, *then* you've got a problem. Getting your period? Guess we should all just be ashamed and humiliated for being female? And some of these are not so much "embarrassing" as they are issues that should be worked through together. If you have "bad sex," if there are difficulties with penetration, or pain, there could be psychological or psysiological factors to look into medically.
      Ellen, you're an utter shipdit.

      1. SmokyApple says:

        There's no need for name-calling, Allison….. discourteous. Make your point without the offensive riposte. As Thumper's mother said, "If you can't say nothing nice, then don't say nothing at all !".

      2. Ellen - University of Manchester says:

        Alison I think you misread, I said 'not getting it up AND the female equivalent', meaning two different things: Not getting it up (male), or not getting wet (sorry for getting specific – the female equivalent of not getting it up). Obviously sweating is nothing to be ashamed of, but some people would be embarrassed if they smelt bad during sex. Additionally, getting your period, nothing to be ashamed of, but during a hook up, it could be a little awkward. For bad sex, pain etc, yes working through it is important, but it can initially be a little embarrassing on both sides. If that wasn't the case, people wouldn't find it so difficult to bring those kind of issues up.

        This article doesn't say people SHOULD be ashamed of any of these things, but sometimes people are. There's no need to be so aggressive.

      3. RAWR says:

        Girls shouldn't be embarrassed for being human. We hold women up to unrealistic standards due to the rampant porn culture that people think is the norm.

        We are slightly more likely to carry fat around our tummies because we are built to house children, we have smells that are hormone related like guys, we sweat from hot sex, we bleed uncontrollably every month, our lower area has hair to prevent infections, etc.

        I found that the best guy I ever had didn't mind pleasing me even while on my period. He told me never to be ashamed of my natural rhythm because that makes me human. He also said any guy that doesn't respect a woman's for her beauty as well as her humanity is a pathetic excuse for a man.

    7. Amber says:

      I've definitely been in many of these situations with my boyfriend before, however we both have a sense of humour and can laugh it off. There's been times we both couldn't "get it up" because we were too drunk/high (sex somehow doesn't work too well if you're completely hammered) and when we tried to do too many freaky positions, we both lost it lol. Just joke about it afterward and you'll be completely fine!

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    9. Karen Hughes says:

      if you love each other everythings fine. shouldn't do one night stands

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