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10 Great Dates From Tuffy Luv

Dear Tuffy Luv,

I’m supposed to plan a date for my new-ish boyfriend (2 months, holla!). Help! I want to do something fun that’s not the traditional dinner and a movie, you know what I mean? I want this to be something we can remember, even if it’s not over the top. And we’re in college, so budget friendly would be nice!

Datey McDaterson

Dear Datey McDaterson,

Well, this is your lucky day, because lil’ ol’ Tuffy might just have a few ideas for you. I think you’ll find that these definitely fit your criteria…

Happy dating!

Hearts & Skulls,

Tuffy Luv

Question?! Ask Tuffy Luv at tuffyluvcc [at] gmail [dot] com

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