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Where Are Those Laguna Beach Kids Now?

I don’t know about all of you, but I absolutely love it when reruns of my old favorite TV series come on. I settle down on my couch, cuddle up with a blanket, my dog and let the good times roll.

That said, a few weeks ago when I turned on MTV I could not have been happier or more content with what I found —  LAGUNA BEACH RERUNS.  I mean, what TV show was better than that. The “real” drama, “real” gossip, the “real” feelings…ugh, I literally felt like I took a time machine to my tween days and was just reliving those good times.  Back then, they were quite possibly some of the most talked about, famous high school kids ever. I know I wanted to move to California ASAP and hang out with Stephen for at least a day. I would have loved him more than Kristin and LC, I promise!

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But…then most of them fell off the face of the planet. So where are they now? Read on to find out.  I KNOW you’re curious!

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