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Guys Tell Us What They Find Sexy

As much as we may hate to admit this, we ladies definitely do certain things to get a guy’s attention. I mean, we may flip our hair when a cute guy walks by, lick our lips when we see him looking our direction- it’s just human nature! The thing is, we’re girls, but how are we to know what a guy’s really thinking, how are we to know what guys ACTUALLY think is sexy? We may think twirling our hair is cute, they may think it’s ditzy.

Thankfully, the internet is a glorious place and has saved the day and our sanity. A girl asked: “What everyday thing that girls do do you find attractive/sexy?”  Our prayers were answered when men leaped at the chance to add their two cents.  Now I know it’s all subjective, but we can take whatever help we can get!

[Lead image via CREATISTA/Shutterstock]

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