To Wear Or Not To Wear: Padded Bras & Lingerie

I have to admit, I definitely went through a phase where padded bras were my THING. It almost became a joke (it did), but I’ve moved on from that time period in my life. Finally growing up, I guess. Anyway, with padded bras comes lingerie. Girls are just faced with so many choices. Do we go with the comfortable bra, the lacy bra, the colorful bra? And now, onto underwear!  Jeez, there’s just so much variety!

But should we wear either of these items at all? I mean the big question really is, what do guys think of these little add-ons we wear and sometimes suffer in pretty much solely FOR them?  Are they really necessary?  Are they really desired? Click here to see what guys really think and to see if all your over-thinking really paid off.

[lead image via Yuri Arcurs/Shutterstock]

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    1. Maggie says:

      Am I the only one who wears a bra with some padding because it's more comfortable? I'm not talking the add-a-cup size variety, just the little padding at the bottom of the cup for extra oomph and support. It makes me feel more confident. I think I'd feel weird wearing something that made my boobs a completely different size though.

    2. Ally says:

      I loathe padding and underwire. Purely lacey bras are amazing.

    3. Lisa says:

      The older you get the more padded bras are a comfort to you and needed to look like you did years prior. Many of the padded bras now are quite comfortable. Lacy bras are very pretty and always comfortable.

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