I’m Looking For a Cheap Date [Diary of the Undateable]

Jack is a guy that I met on Badoo. Luckily, he’s of legal age. He isn’t very verbose, but I liked the fact that he’s cute and has a great sense of humor. My standards are sky-high, right? We flirted for about two weeks ‘til I gave him my number. He texted me a few days later and we’ve been talking on and off for nearly the entire summer.

A few weeks ago, he totally surprised me. We were talking about something random and he said “I commend you. Most girls would rely on their parents. You work, you go to school and you’re a winner with beauty. I only hesitate to be your man because of the distance, but I really like you.” Naturally, I was flattered. I went with the flow and told him I liked him too.

Since I work seven days a week, it’s been pretty hard to maintain any type of social life. But we HAVE to meet up before I leave the city. He asked me what I’d want to do when we met up — so I flipped the question on him. “We can just walk and talk around the block, get to know each other,” he suggested. “Or go upstairs at my place and watch a movie.”

I was genuinely curious about what his ideas were. And I can’t even lie…I was a little bit disappointed. A) His idea was kind of corny and B) why would he try to use the “chill and watch a movie” line with me?!

The past few “dates” that I’ve had…well, they weren’t really dates. Carlos and I met up at a random Dunkin’ Donuts in Harlem, and He Who Must Not Be Named and I met up at my place. I haven’t had a proper date-date at all.

I know and relate to the fact that the majority of my peers lack racks on racks on racks. Some of us can’t afford the whole nine yards – pre-dinner drinks, fare at a fancy restaurant, a movie and dessert. And that’s fine. But what happened to the creativity?!

Even if you’re flat broke, there are soooo many things that you can do. And there’s no excuse if you’re in New York City. We can walk in Central Park. We can go to Screen on the Green. Watch a live band at Coney Island. Use our imaginary passports to visit Little Italy and Little Egypt and Little India. There’s so much more to do than just “chill and watch a movie.” Honestly, I’m getting tired of that option.

So Jack and I will walk and talk. Maybe we’ll graduate to coffee and eventually dinner. He’ll develop a sense of creativity and we’ll date happily ever after.

CollegeCandy readers, what are some other cute and cheap date ideas?

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    1. jason says:

      You are funny!
      So what do you want out of the date.. that's what I want to know?! If you're looking for a cheap date.. then, you got one:) .

    2. Sandra Arroyo says:

      I completely feel you girl!!!! I hate it when guys have no creativity!! also, im no gold digger but come on!! if a guy wants to impress me or get me to fall for him, the least he can do is put out a lil guap and take me to dinner, nothing fancy or too expensive but dine in cute atmosphere. As far as cute, cheap dates: PICNIC!! hello, you spend half of what you would at dinner and make it way more special! also a scavenger hunt with clues that could spell out a poem for me; I mean, hello, guys you have google at your hand tips (literally use your smartphone!!) and find some nices ideas!!!

      Khalea, i love reading your blog!!!!

    3. Ericka says:

      Me and my boyfriend go to beach for a day and pack a picnic! We also draw( I know that sounds so silly but its fun, especially since we cant draw! lol) we also like to do a little cooking competition and so who makes the best dish. Its fun getting messing in the kitchen and having to "clean up" later just a few thoughts

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