Hey Sailor! The Sexiest Men of Olympic Sailing [Photos]

So we all know some of those Olympic athletes are serious hotties. I mean you can look at pretty much any sport and I’m sure you’ll find least one dude to your extreme liking, no matter what your type may be.

But recently, I came across a slightly under-the-radar roster.  It’s not swimming, volleyball, gymnastics.  Nope, it’s sailing!

I mean we know by nature sailors should be at least semi-good looking.  They are the polo-wearing prepster gods, and those guys in the 2012 Olympics are no different!!  So for your entertainment, I have rounded up a few of my favorite sailing men of London 2012.  Now’s the time to dream about gliding along the waves with these sexy sailors.  Ah, the power of wishful thinking!

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    1. Jenny says:

      Number 14 – Jesse Kirkland? Definitely from BERMUDA not Berlin. Berlin not even being a country making it difficult for it to compete in the olympics.

    2. flag samples says:

      Great race Australia need a few more gold medals,

    3. Bruce says:

      Can you PLEASE change the caption on your photo of JESSE KIRKLAND. He is frpom BERMUDA, not Germany.

    4. ange says:

      Iain Jensen is the one on the left!

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