8 Signs He’s Cheating

It’s never really something you want to focus on or believe, but it happens.  It’s hurtful, it’s awful, it’s mean.  What am I talking about?  Cheating.  It’s one of the most terrible things someone can do to someone else.  It’s sneaky, heartless, and for me, a major deal breaker.  I don’t think that anyone should ever have to go through it, but that’s just not realistic.

So many websites and magazines and books prep us with tips on how to tell if we’re being cheated on, but a lot of those ideas are just very very far-fetched, they’re the type of things that really only happen in movies.

Due to that, for those women feeling insecure and anxious about their partner cheating, I’ve drafted my own list to hopefully help either give them peace of mind or a reason to walk out the door for good…

Remember ladies, these are just small hints.  They do NOT automatically mean your guy is cheating!

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    2. […] • And other times… well other times he’s just a big fat cheater (CollegeCandy) […]

    3. Crosier smith says:

      These sign does not useful for Man is cheating with woman .

    4. […] 8 Signs He’s Cheating […]

    5. […] He accuses you of cheating. He’s doing it, so he might assume you’re doing it. If your guy could even think you’re cheating when you’re being the best girlfriend you can be, beware because he may be reflecting his behavior on you and expect you to act the same way. He becomes MUCH more attentive than usual. This could be out of guilt. There’s a good chance hes feeling bad about his actions and wants to make up for it. Yes, he could be just being the awesome boyfriend, but if it’s much more than usual, keep a lookout. He’s MIA for hours without any excuse. Well, I mean this is kind of a given. He’s doing something sketchy, I can tell you that much. Be careful, this is not a good sign. He starts to have new interests in music or movies. Could these new interests perhaps have been piqued by this new love interest? Maybe he just heard a new song he loved so much he needed more, but he could also be educating himself on all this new material to impress his new girl. He’s jumpy and defensive, panicking over every little thing you say. When you ask him to talk aout something, does he automatically leave the room? Does he jump or yell back? Does he become extremely defensive? If so, this could be a very big hint hes avoiding something, perhaps his other girlfriend? Perhaps he thinks you have an inkling of what’s been going on and he’ll do absolutely anything to avoid that? Just a thought. He starts dressing up more, looking better, shaving more often. If he’s cleaning up his appearance more than usual, he’s probably trying to look good for someone. And no offense, but if this is new, it’s probably not for you. Just a small heads up. Your gut tells you so. Sometimes it’s just important to just listen to your instincts. You know the truth, you know how to read people, especially someone who is so close to you. Listen to your heart, there’s a good chance you’re right. Read more at! […]

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