Heidi Montag from 2006-2012: The Scariest Transformation Ever [Photos]

Do you remember a little show called The Hills? It stared Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge and…Heidi Montag. Heidi is now famous for being married to Spencer Pratt and looking like a Wax Museum copy of herself. It’s actually kind of sad. No one probably remembers this, but she was really cute at the beginning of the show! Heidi looked like an all-America surfer chick, someone any guy would be happy to bring home to mom. Then she became “addicted” to plastic surgery and it all went down hill (or to a size DDD) from there.

Mrs. Pratt’s transformation is actually shocking. While putting this together I though “Wow, she looked pretty great in ’08!” then by 2011 I was wondering just how structurally sound she actually is. Take a look for yourself! Maybe the time you joke about Botox or a boob job, you’ll think twice.

Ariana Romero is a student at Syracuse University. Which would probably explain why she once had a load of laundry filled solely  with orange tee shirts. Follow her on Twitter @ArianaRomero17 or read her Hollywood ramblings at her blog.



    1. Vivien says:

      Take a look for yourself! Maybe the time you joke about Botox or a boob job, you’ll think twice.

    2. Emma - Minnesota says:

      She used to be so pretty, too😦

      1. Jim in GA says:

        I have to agree Emma…….I've been with "plastic" women and decided I do not like plastic. Heidi is still a beautiful girl but those boobs are rediculous and I don't like the new face as much as HER original face. BTW, I'm a women loving male and it's just MHO.

      2. FakeRulez says:

        I disagree. She used to be OK. Now she's smoking hot! Why some people think improving yourself is a bad thing, I'll never understand.

    3. Svenghooli says:

      I'd still do her….

    4. Abby says:

      Never found her very attractive but she looked best in 2007.

    5. @msbusy says:

      She was cute…..now she is married to that moron….and looks like a porn doll for sale……trash !!!! SMH…

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    7. alb says:

      good thing for plastic surgery she is way hotter now than before! nice nose!

      1. FakeRulez says:

        I completely agree! Thanks to advances in medicine and surgery, Heidi is super hot. Before the advances, she would've been stuck with just being OK.

    8. sophie says:

      The biggest change is how happy she looks. In the earlier pictures she looks so bubbly and happy and carefree, like it would lift your spirits just to be near her. In the later pictures she looks like she's struggling.

    9. FakeRulez says:

      I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be scared of. A girl going from just sorta OK to extremely hot is not scary. Instead I see this as a fantastic progression. It shows the wonders of plastic surgery! And my parents would be much happier with me bringing home the Heidi of today because she is stunning, a girl who knew what she wanted and wasn't willing to compromise on her way to getting it. I think it's great that girls can look up to Heidi, a girl who nature didn't bless with much beauty, but who was willing to go out and get it.

      1. Cindy says:

        I completely agree! The girl who wrote this must've stepped in from the 1950s. I've liked Heidi since she was on The Hills, and I've loved following her as she got hotter and hotter. Definitely an inspiration to me since I'm going under the knife too!

    10. ragu4u says:

      And these photos are scary because…………………….?

    11. Bill says:

      She was hot before and she's hot now. How is this scary….?

    12. wabill says:

      She looks great, maybe the sadness in her life is from other sources

    13. blogc2011 says:

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    14. minadobrev401 says:

      I really like more how she looks before. Having fix up her face made her look really old.I know she's just at her 20's but she looks like she's already 10 years older. But the way it was executed it was like a good thing because it looks so real. I bet that plastic surgery in sydney can most definitely do the better than her transformation.

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