The 9 Best Apps to Help You Go Back to School

College and smart phones are today’s PB&J: they just go together. So whether you’ve moved in already or still have a few weeks to go, I’ve got you covered with the apps you need to succeed. College is four years of a good time, but it is also four years of stress! Organization that fits in your pocket is a lifesaver, and thanks to technology, life is about to get a hell of a lot easier. Check out the nine apps you need ASAP, below!

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    1. Ellen - University of Manchester says:

      I LOVE flipboard so much

    2. Hunter says:

      Thank you for the great app suggestions, Emma! I am sending my son a Nexus 7 tablet as a surprise back to school gift and I wanted to preload a few essential apps like Mint and the Graphing Calculator. I included a fun app called DISH Remote Access as well. He knows that I work for DISH and he came to me asking if I knew of a better way then cable to get TV service in his dorm. They won’t let him install a DISH so I gave her the next best thing… the use of my DISH. He can use the DISH app to watch his favorite channels AND DVR recordings right from our DVR at home. I think that is a better option for him then getting cable service; this way, he will even be able to take it outside to relax on the quad.

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    4. vasyjohn says:

      I love college! congratulations' for the post. it's a good one

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    6. […] Want to check out the final 6 must-have apps? Click on over to CollegeCandy! […]

    7. Rux says:


    8. Kacy says:

      I have I need to check out other apps. I also recommend Splash Math apps. They are perfect for elementary school kids and help them to enhance their math skills.

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    11. Andrew says:

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    12. google play says:

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    14. i phone apps says:

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