How To: Avoid the Freshman 15

Your freshman year is all about excess. Excess drinking, excess partying, excess sex, but it doesn’t have to be about excess weight. Don’t be terrified of the “dreaded freshman 15.”  You can still party without putting on the pounds. You just have to be armed and ready to battle. Lucky for you I’ve put together an artillery list that will ensure you’re still looking sexy in your bikini by the time summer rolls  around.

1. Find a Gym Buddy:  Whether it’s your roommate, classmate, or bedmate, finding someone to go to the gym will keep you both in check

2. Try to Avoid Beer:  Notice I said try. I’m not saying never drink beer, but if you can stick to the hard liquor more you won’t get a “baby belly”.

3. Eat Well: Maintain a healthy diet during the week. On weekends you’ll end up midnight snacking, but during the week stick to salads and greens!

4. Take an Aerobics Class: Most colleges offer electives. Why not take a fitness class? Best 3 credits ever!

5. Drink Water: Avoid liquid calories. Skip the juices and drink water instead.

6. Get Rid of the Junk: Don’t keep cookies and chips in your dorm room. Instead, stock up on healthy snacks like almonds and rice crackers. There’s plenty of yummy treats that are good for you!

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    1. sam says:

      I'm not trying to be mean here, but I find most articles like this completely useless. These tips are really obvious things that everyone knows; it's implementing these that's the hard part. Everyone know you have to workout, eat well and not drink too much, but it's doing it thats hard. Again, I'm not trying to be mean. I just think that lately, a lot of articles on collegecandy are written for the heck of it, really quickly.

    2. Olivia says:

      I don't agree with this article. I don't think that you should adhere to a diet of mostly salads and greens throughout the week. That's setting yourself up to binge because you're restricting yourself. Carbs and proteins are completely necessary for your body to keep your metabolism going.

      Aren't alcohol beverages liquid calories, as well? A bit hypocritical.

      I have to agree with what Sam said. I feel that a lot of the articles being posted are very vague and not as thoughtful as they were when I first started reading CollegeCandy. I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of research and thought that goes into these articles.

    3. Christina says:

      @sam – They are useless if you sit on your fat ass and do nothing. No matter what an article says if you're lazy you're never going to lose weight. If you think that some article will magically do this then you've got other problems. You have to keep yourself in check and using a short list doesn't make the task impossible. Too many times people set REALLY high weight loss goals and get frustrated because they can't do it and feel even more insecure in the end.

      @Olivia – In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be fit you have to restrict yourself.

      I'm surprised at how judgmental you both are about college candy! I believe the advice was "avoid juices". I think their articles are funny and entertaining. If you want serious weight loss advice go see a nutritionist or as my best friend always says "put the fork down"

    4. Kelsie says:

      I gained the freshmen 15 without partying, eating garbage, and while working out and sticking to my healthy, whole foods, vegan diet. How? Antidepressants! Just a word of advice; if you are put on antidepressants and start gaining ANY weight, talk to your doctor and wean off of them immediately. My metabolism is totally wrecked now and I'm extremely self conscious. The worst part is that the pills didn't even make me feel better:/

    5. Emelda says:

      1. Find a Gym Buddy: Whether it’s your roommate, classmate, or bedmate, finding someone to go to the gym will keep you both in check

    6. JOU 3002-01 says:

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    7. Paige says:

      During my freshman year of college I wanted to work hard to avoid the freshman 15. Its hard when you go to eat a meal and its buffett style EVERYDAY!! I started using to help keep me on track and even lose a few extra pounds. On most days I would eat a Fullbar on my way to class before lunch or dinner and then found myself not eating as much at the cafe and I was able to control myself. I would recomend it to anyone trying to lose or avoid the freshman 15.

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