The 12 Most Bizarre Products For Women [Photos]

Contrary to popular (male) belief, women are simple creatures. We like flip cup and Theroux novels just as much as the next guy. Playing the Devil’s Advocate, here, I know that men and women are very much different, and advertisers have to market different things, but c’mon! Women want an electric razor/vibrator combo about as much as men want an STD testing sock. Multi-tasking gone wrong, people. You think that’s an exception to products advertised towards women? Wrong. Check out the photos, below, to see the other weird female products I was able to conjure up! The world is weird, y’all.



    1. anne says:

      the urinella is actually amazing (tho i use disposable ones, the thought of putting something why pee on back into my purse is just weird to me)! (and not sexist i think, since being born with a penis or not is not something society does to you. and it is not giving you something you wouldnt have it just makes it easier to pee everywhere for people who cant do that or have a gard time doing it without)

    2. anne says:

      since when does college candy have comment approval?

      1. anne says:

        oh only if you type bad words like the medical term for the "male" organ

    3. Shortcut says:

      SICK of all these ads. I can’t even go on here anymore.

    4. Meg says:

      The female urinal is actually a piece of medical equipment. People who use wheelchairs (like me) and have control of their bladder use them all the time. We can't just stand up and transfer to a public toilet and catheters are for people who can't control their bladders. Men, regardless of ability or disability can just whip "it" out, aim, and go. Us women don't have that luxury. If it weren't for the female urinal, women like me would just have to go home, where they have the necessary equipment to transfer to a toilet, whenever they needed to urinate. Female urinals allow us to live more ordinary lives.

    5. Claudia says:

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    6. blogc2011 says:

      Check out the photos, below, to see the other weird female products I was able to conjure up! The world is weird, y’all.電話占い

    7. Jackson says:

      Why does this person introduce these ridiculous products “advertised towards women” as if there were no women involved in the products’ design, production, and marketing?

    8. a8114454 says:

      I’ve said that least 8114454 times. SKC was here…

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