Guess That Celebrity Rack [26 Photos]

As a woman I feel very strongly about us not objectifying each other. To me, it’s incredibly important that we lift each other up instead of bring each other down. However, when someone has a completely gorgeous rack/body/whatever, I notice. I’m not gay, I think I’m like a 2 on the Kinsey scale, but come on, some women just have really got it going on up there.

[Plus: Celebrities With Bizarre Body Parts: A Guessing Game!]

So, I have a proposed quiz for you ladies: who’s cleavage is featured in each of these photos? Tell me your guesses and then click the links to find out if you’re right!

[lead image via iofoto/shutterstock.com]



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    2. Hagenbuch smith says:

      I do not have any idea for which actress shown in the Picture . http://muscleripxfacts.org/

    3. They all look alike….really…….and they are all fun to play with……..

    4. dara says:


    5. patsywilliams says:

      Okay, maybe." Savannah said noncommittally. "I'm not making any promises."
      "That's good enough." responded Palma.

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    7. Um… no. You just sound stupid…

    8. Merlin says:

      That lady wearing the black leather jacket, her black brassierre is lovely, her brassier accentuates her cleavage well that squeezes her breasts together looks gorgeous.

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