The 12 Most Obnoxious People On Twitter


Twitter is where status updates go to breed. You may think it seems over-the-top when displayed on Facebook, but because it’s Twitter, it’s ok, right? (RIGHT?!) Now, I am one of the 500 million people addicted to this source of social media, and I’m not ashamed. Sometimes, you’ve just got to get those thoughts out into the world! But there are also people who use Twitter to brag, obsess, and essentially take up someone’s entire feed. Hey, buddy, it’s only 140 characters, calm down!

The obnoxious factor on Twitter makes it hard to only pick 12, but I’ve managed to do it. Check them out below!

[Lead image via Lisa S./Shutterstock]



    1. alittlebitobsessed says:

      THIS: Is the last part so that you can keep making mistakes and not changing from them?

      Seriously made me laugh so much!! Perfect!!

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