8 Reasons to Have a One-Night Stand

One-night stands have kind of a bad rep. Sure, there’s a risk of embarrassing moments, walks of shame, and STDs, but there are still some really great things about them! They’re basically a naughty treat – have them in moderation, be safe, and they’re awesome. If the temptation of obligation free sex isn’t appealing enough, TheFrisky came up with some good reasons to have a one-night stand:

1. You’ll watch less TV. I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly Netflix-ing some program to which I promptly become addicted. And then I start dreading the day it runs out. (It is this destructive habit that’s caused me to watch all seasons of “30 Rock” no fewer than six times.) And so: Any night I don’t fall asleep whittling down the ever-lessening reserves of exciting TV is a night I’m grateful for. As I lack the self-restraint to do it when I’m home, I welcome any late-night plans. “30 Rock” is wonderful, of course. But it’s not more wonderful than sex that’s either a) legitimately good, or b) sort of bad and hilarious and, therefore, it’s own great form of entertainment.

2. You don’t have to make the bed in the morning. I’m mean, I’m sorry, but this makes it all worth it right here. I am a terrible maker of beds. It never looks even; I don’t know how to get it, like, fluffy you know? And! I’m not even one of those people who’s got a bed against a wall. Making a bed that’s up against wall is near-impossible. So to you ladies in that situation, I implore you: Please sleep out as often as you can.

3. The orgasm. Sometimes it’s just nice to have one from someone other than yourself, you know?

Still not convinced? Click here to see 5 more reasons for having a one-night stand!



    1. Anonynous says:

      Uh, disgusting slut.

      1. Ellen - University of Manchester says:

        I know, I'm so gross.

      2. Anonynous says:

        Make sure to marry a scientist. He'll be glad for the petri dish of STDs you provide him.

      3. sam says:

        Make sure to marry a sexist, misogynistic pig. You'll hit it off.

      4. Ellen - University of Manchester says:

        ps. Sam, you are awesome!

      5. Ellen - University of Manchester says:

        wow, that would sure be a medical marvel seeing as how I understand the concept of safe sex

      6. sofia says:

        Obviously your rudeness comes from some of your own deeply rooted insecurities …stop trolling on the internet you idiot

      7. sam says:

        Uh, stupid bitch.

    2. pitterpatter09 says:

      Wowww ignore the douchebag anon above. I'm glad you wrote this piece, I totally know what you mean about Netflix overload!

      1. Ellen - University of Manchester says:

        I just wrote the intro, the awesome people at the frisky wrote the 8 reasons! But totally agree about the netflix thing:)

    3. spencerdobson says:

      Wow, first off, good point about Netflix. Second anon and Sam, your vile garbage, I hope you are banned from vaginas forever.

    4. Donna says:

      I have no problem with the concept of one night stands but none of these reasons are very good

    5. Schmieder smith says:

      This 8 reason are very Importance for spent the time in the One Night stand .

    6. Anonynous says:

      How would your husband feel knowing that you've sucked 50 dicks in your life?

      1. Ellen - University of Manchester says:

        Not that there would be anything wrong with that, but just to clarify: This is, as the title would suggest, 8 reasons to have a one night stand. It is not anything to do with MY personal choices regarding sex. In fact, if you read the entire post you will see that the reasons are written by the Frisky. I think that if you like having one night stands, and are safe about having them, go ahead, good for you. But nowhere in this post have I said I actually have one night stands. But feel free to keep making assumptions and calling me a slut, because it's actually pretty entertaining.

      2. Shannon says:

        How would your wife feel to know your a sexist prick?

    7. You should have one night stands – who cares what your future husband thinks! He's not there right now. The reasons in the article are terrible though. How about…

      1. Because it's 2012 and women can choose to have sex with a stranger if they like.

      2. It's a thrill, as long as you're safe.

      3. You get to learn new things – learn what you don't like in bed and pick up a few new skills as well.

    8. jamie says:


    9. passingtime says:

      once something as meaningful as sex is reduced to a cheep thrill. it can never be anything more. its the reason im here today; a cheep thrill lol

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