12 Things You Should NEVER Say To Guys [Dude’s List]

Last Dude’s List I gave you more than a dozen things that men should never say to women…time to cross the beams! And no, we’re not going to rip apart reality, I’m just going to illustrate that we’re driving down a two-way street when it comes to sh*t you shouldn’t say. Now, to be fair, there are similarities to what a lot of guys are sensitive about and to what a lot of women are sensitive about. There are some differences, though…oh, and may I add that the following list is compiled of a result of a survey conducted with members of both genders, so y’all had something to say about this, too!

A dozen don’ts but goodness gracious sake’s alive there are hundreds more. Have you ever realized you said something you shouldn’t have to your boy? What was it? What’d it take to fix things? Which of these were first proposed by you? Fire away in the comments below and remember that the above list has been compiled for the betterment of humankind.

Somebody call my mama!

The Dude

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    1. Guest says:

      Too many ads can't read

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    5. Kay says:

      Sorry dude, but size DOES matter!

      1. Guest says:

        Like women waist size.

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    7. YShennanBot says:

      Okay first off, women need to learn not to ask questions they don’t want to know the answer to. Being that I’m a woman, I can tell you that they/you are better off this way. Since a few of these are in response to a question a woman asks, I feel that is important to mention.

      On the other hand, men, stop lying just because its going to get you in trouble. My man its harsh. He doesn’t screw around. If I ask him if I look bad, and I do, he will tell me. He will also tell me why (too much makeup, shirt doesn’t fit right, ect.) I realize not all of you are this fashionably inclined but of you respond with, “it doesn’t flatter your curves; its too stick-straight or fluffy,” or “the top is good and the bottom is good but not together, maybe try it with jeans.” You’re going to have a much better time and your girlfriend will appreciate your well thought out response. It will also teach her to stop fishing for compliments. Most women ask “do I look fat in this” because the want you to say they look beautiful/skinny. If you stop lying and start thinking, they will not only feel way more affirmed when you DO say they look good, but they will start to learn not to ask questions with alternate meanings. I love my man for his brutal honesty and I also feel that I can really trust what he says to me because I know he doesn’t just lie to avoid confrontation. I hated it at first, mind you, and out might make you look like a douche but if a girl leaves you because you’re honest, she will be sorry when she’s stuck with a liar.

      As for #2, guys….size really does matter(and so does shape and personal grooming), but she will forget how big you are if you know what to do with it. And smaller guys, for the record, sometimes bigger isn’t better.

      #3 is stupid. No, you don’t want to hear it but would you rather not know? What would you have her do instead? I’m really unsure whether the author means you don’t want to hear that a lady is late and have to worry until it is confirmed either way, or if you just never want to know that someone is carrying your child.

      #4 You need to handle your sh*t. A vital party of a relationship is intimacy. If she feels that this is more of a chore than a treat, you need to make it your priority to find out what she enjoys and do it. If you want her to do the same for you, this is a must. Have a deep, meaningful and filthy conversation about what she thinks she likes or might want to try. Do not laugh at her. Good GOD, for the sake of your penis, don’t laugh! Ask her if she enjoys more of a romantic, slow progressing love-making with lots of kissing and gentle touching, or if she is more turned on when you push her around a little. You may be surprised at her response, and it may vary from time to time. If she is unsure, ask her to communicate with you during…the act…and let you know what she thinks. Then, slowly try new things (SLOWLY) and see how she responds. Also, utilize all of your weapons. And for God sake, if you expect her to use her hands and mouth, why the hell won’t you? No, its not different.

      #5 I agree with this one. We are not mentally capable of handling that either. I’m sorry, we try, but its a major turn off. Keep your past in your past.

    8. Kat says:

      I said; "I'm fine" to my boyfriend today when he asked me if something was wrong or if I was upset. HAHAHA….I just asked him 5 minutes ago if saying "I'm fine" was horrific. He pretty much agreed when I read aloud the "translation" hahaha….Yep, it is a bad habit of mine as I am sure it is for many women.

    9. Mary Susan says:

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    10. Anonymous says:

      This was BLATENLY written by a mummy’s boy who loves watching batman so much that his petty high school girl friend dumped him.
      Does mummy tell you size doesn’t matter when she bathes you still to this day dear? Don’t worry, your mum will watch batman with you forever x

    11. daughterofthenight says:

      i disagree with 5. we are exchanging sex histories or we are not having sex. to be anything less than frank and truthful about this is to invite a host of STDS. if you are going to get all wussy about this, then something is wrong with you buddy.

    12. bigj10 says:

      I,m straight, normal, and if you don't like me I can handle it.
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    13. rebecakasak says:

      I hope my guy reads this article. He could really learn a few things – I just did…'

    14. Yoyoahmadisalimu says:

      Hey this is for men think be4 talkng to your puto

    15. Ali says:

      While i disagree with some of them, but most of them are just great:)

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