10 Things We’ve Learned From Reading Men’s Sites


While men will probably feel a little weird buying the latest copy of Cosmo, us girls are lucky enough to be able to read men’s magazines and website whenever we want, without looking weird. So make the most of that, and pick up a copy of GQ, or Arena, browse Mens Health, and COED. They’re super interesting reads, even if you don’t want to look at hot girls. Plus you could learn a thing or two. Here are 10 things we found out from reading websites for men:

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    1. Sarah says:

      ''4. Guys Like All Kinds Of Women'', if only that was true…

      1. Kevin says:

        That is true, guys really do have varying taste on what they think is sexy. I can tell you personally, I like all kinds of women and not the stereotypical blonde bombshell.

      2. dlws says:

        Guys like all kinds of women except Sarah. Too bad and get over it.

    2. […] we talked about 10 things we’ve learned from reading men’s site, courtesy of While men will probably feel a little weird buying the latest copy […]

    3. a dude says:

      "Guys are seriously committed to fitness"


    4. anita says:

      "men tell lies on average of at least 3 times a day" sooo at least 3 things on this list is a lie…. yep seems about right.

    5. Umno says:

      No, as a man I can tell you we are not interested in fashion at all. If a man has more than 2 pairs of shoes he is gay. He may just not have realized it yet but it is just a fact. If you marry a guy with a shoe tree that is the leading indicator that he will eventually leave you for another man.

      To the extent guys have any interest in clothes it is exactly the same as what they use camouflage for when hunting. They wear what they think will attract their prey — or at least put them at unawares long enough to make the kill.

      1. why hello says:

        2 pairs of shoes? So liking more than two pairs of shoes at a time sets off an insta-gaydar alert? This is a joke. Men who don't own more than 2 pairs of shoes are closeted self-conscious fucks. Yet another dude who's afraid to express himself in any way, shape or form. Don't worry, bottling it up is a great idea. Just beat it out of your wife.

      2. PKR says:

        Of course your name is UMNO

    6. Dude says:

      Half of these things is utter nonsense, the other half is so obvious you can put the "you don't say' face next to them.

      1. Tommy says:

        like the boobies:)

    7. A man says:

      Women force men to lie. Imagine if a guy telling the truth:
      No I don't own my own house I live with…
      That duck face you make, makes you look retarded…
      Actually I don't have a job right now…
      That dress makes your ass look gigantic!
      Oh no this isn't my BMW…
      Your perfume smells awful
      Your cooking is terrible

      You women want the truth? You cant handle the truth.

      1. A woman says:

        I could generalize too & claim that men "can't handle the truth" if it lowers their fragile egos, but that would just be pretty ignorant…
        (Note: the fact that you don't own a house & BMW, or have a job has nothing to do with the female gender)
        My boyfriend (& my best friend) & I have an honesty policy – if my ass is looking fat (or most likely, not fat enough) or I smell gross, I wanna know before I go out like that in public.

      2. dlws says:

        It is females who have the fragile egos. They just call it poor self esteem and whine about it constantly, blaming men for the fact that the average female has not matured beyond the age of 13.

      3. An Earthling says:

        Fool, you don't HAVE to lie. Don't blame women because you don't have enough self-esteem to be honest with who you are and where you are in life. If a woman doesn't want to be with you because you tell the truth about shallow ass little things like that, then find someone else.

        You seem shallow already by admitting that you lie about insignificant crap and then blaming your actions on someone else (a whole gender). "It's your fault that I'm lying." Grow the hell up.

    8. Josh says:

      Just like not everything in Cosmo is going to apply to every single girl out there, not everything in GQ is going to apply to every single guy out there, but it is all true for at least some guys or else there wouldn't be articles about it.

    9. a chick says:

      who cares?

    10. Ryan says:

      Believe me — we (guys) read COSMO etc all the time to garner what your thoughts are up to. Why did you assume we were to scared to? A bit ignorant.

    11. grejay says:

      As a gay male who reads lots of men's magazines, I must warn you ladies that this article is a bit off. The reason there is so much confusion is because these men's magazines have like a 40% gay readership. That is why there are so many hot guys on the covers and so many sexy guys in fragrance ads and the workout routine sections.

      These magazines have carefully mastered the art of a tee-top balancing act, where they can please their heavy gay male readership (which tends to be wealthy), but not offend their majority straight male readership (which generally tend to be single and middle-income but big spenders). GQ is definitely not a barometer of your average guy, that's for sure. At least not in the same way Cosmo is for women.

      1. Antigay says:

        what is this animal called gay?whwre did it come from.Pervet

    12. Alex says:

      i don't think so….

    13. cathrine says:

      Oh are you being serious. Im a lady and this list made me laugh so loud, loud i say.

    14. Chris says:

      All these are spot on and if you don't believe so you are either a bad husband/boy friend or you have a bad husband/boyfriend or you are straight up single. I'm not gay but people who say "Ugh I don't have a man crush" are just in denial. Like seriously Ryan Gosling DAMNN!

    15. wolfkin says:

      i can confirm guys like boobs

    16. Matt says:

      You know what bothers me? The fact that majority girls think this is how men actually are. And if you come across one that doesn't fit under these generalizations, he's considered weird and you'd dismiss him right away. I'm a man who hates fashion, prefers legs over boobs, I hate gadgets.. I prefer non-object things like love, compassion, and a nice conversation, and no I don't like all kinds of girls. Friendzone me all you like I'm already married!

      1. Piffy says:

        I completely agree with you, and it doesn't stop there with men either. Instead of a woman who likes sports, doesn't wear make-up, etc. just being a woman who likes sports, doesn't wear make-up, etc., she is considered a tomboy. As if all women are the same. It extends to race, culture, class, and many other constructs and mixtures of constructs.

        I'm a black woman, and I get crap all of the time for not fitting the mold of the expected norm of a woman, black person, and a black woman. These molds don't even exist. It's ridiculous that some people cannot see others and themselves in the terms of the individual; because people are individuals. This lack of seeing the obvious is really messing up our society. To not generalize means that people would have to think more in their judgments of others. "Think more about the individuality of a person?! Oh, no, we can't do that! That makes too much sense!"

        It's so stupid, man. These are honestly prejudices. People from all backgrounds can be prejudiced. People from all backgrounds can be racist too; if anyone tells you otherwise, then they are mistaken or lying. In my 23 years, I have come across some of the most racist black people ever.

        But it's great that you just keep on being who you are, and speak up when you see prejudices.

    17. Liquid Ass says:

      "Guys lie" Well done Sherlock, want a medal? Half of these are obvious, the other half are bullshit.

    18. AJM says:

      Well this list makes men appear a little shallow. It's just what us girls need. A guide that summarizes the mentality of Frat boys. Give us some insight into the deeper aspects of men.

      1. dlws says:

        Why should men be any less shallow that the supposedly superior females of the world? Quit whining and grow up.

    19. jacksprat57 says:

      RE #4: While it's true that guys like all types, it's also true that Alphas will almost always go first for the higher status prize. Arnold Schwarzeneger may prefer his women short and squat and 'ethnic', but he'd never put a ring on one. A happy, content life isn't his goal, unless he can get away with it.

    20. As a Man had to weigh in.

      Straight men don't care about fashion. They would like to look nice but fashion? Not at all. And just cause one mag does something on fashion doesn't mean most mags do. It's not common. Plus, Men don't typically in their lives engage in conversations about fashion. They don't go to a bar and talk fashion.

      Men Lie? Yes. Everyone lies.

      Guys like all kinds of women. 1000% True. we love all of them. The women in Maxim are many more sizes and body shapes then the women in women's fashion magazines. Women's fashion is about being a hanger for clothes not a great figure. Plus it's not straight men running these mags cause if it was we'd also have Mila Kunis and Beyonce in clothes.

      Fitness committed? Yep, every kid grows up with those kicked sand in the face charles atlas stories. We lift weights starting in High School. We may not be good at being fit but that's a big deal. Why? cause girls like abs and sometimes muscles and straight men like girls.

      Man Crush? Not really. For women a girl crush is often an element of physical attraction. That's not the case for straight men. Men may just like what a guy is about. It's not an crush. They may just think Sinatra is cool. They may think Jay-z is cool. But also men also don't tend to be jealous of a man women think is handsome like women are with other attractive women. that is Women will call Jessica Simpson a slut or Erin Andrews a slut when men say they are pretty. Men would rather hang out with Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling and drink beer.

      Gadgets. Men love gadgets so yes. Shiny Shiny Shiny.

      Guys Lost? Yep. You guys don't make logical sense and we can't read you.

      Boobs? Ok, but black guys like butts much more than boobs. And everybody likes the "the whole package."

      Bonus? Most men, just like women, like a beautiful mate that is fun to be around and is nice to them. Nobody likes an a-hole. Even in women. So if you interested, flirt, be nice and go for it. If he's not into you move on. But being mean, and snotty, an aloof is a turn off.

    21. dlws says:

      Guys lie sometimes. Females lie ALL OF THE TIME.

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