12 Very Real, Very WTF Children’s Books [Photos]

When I was little, my favorite book was Pat the Bunny.  Do you remember that book? It had a cute little rabbit on the cover and he had a fluffy tail you could pet. It was a lot of fluffy bunnies and pastel colors and happy sentences and chunky pages. Your standard children’s book. It taught me to love hanging out on my bedroom floor with a bunch of fun reading material, something I still frequently enjoy doing on sleepy, rainy days.

I’m at an age now where friends are starting to have kids. Gasp, I know. It’s all very real. So real, in fact, that I haven’t really mustered up enough courage to wander into Babies R Us to get baby shower presents. Maybe I’m in denial. Whatever. I just don’t want my monthly bank statement to simultaneously list wine binges and sippy cup purchases.

Rewind to me being a cute little toddler fawning over a cherished copy of Pat the Bunny. “Books!” I said to myself, “I will mold these young minds with my favorite books!” And off to Barnes and Noble I ventured.

This is the best part of my seemingly endless and pointless story, so listen closely. As I located the children’s book section, my beloved Pat the Bunny was nowhere to be found. Kids these days are effed because the titles offered to them are seriously bizarre. Figuring no one would believe me, I went to this morning and looked up some of the books I found at the store, plus a few others. Yes, these are all real. Yes, I’m still looking for good baby gift options so send me suggestions.

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    2. kmd0113 says:

      Not every child has a perfect life at home. Some have parents in jail, drug addicts in the family, or have disabilities. I think it is important to have something that can help parents explain certain situations. I think most of those children's books are great because they help explain something that is really hard to explain to a child.

      1. tiffany-unc chapel hill says:

        I agree. It's just crazy to read some of these titles. Especially when you're used to seeing "Hop on Pop" in the children's section.

    3. Evan says:

      "The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas" is not and was never intended to be a children's book, obviously.

      Most of the rest are pretty standard "helping kids cope with tough adult situations" fare, which have been around for years. Some kids have parents in jail. That sucks, but ignoring it doesn't make it go away.

    4. Katie says:

      Plenty of kids have parents in jail or drug use that affects their lives. Books that talk about these themes help them to understand their lives better and grow up healthier.

    5. Steph says:

      I think most of these are fantastic. They are called "social stories" and are very helpful to children who need them.

      1. Steph says:

        I have a son who is mildly autistic and social stories have made a huge difference in his life.

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