Amy Poehler Talks About Combatting Social Anxiety

If you don’t already know about Amy Poehler‘s “Ask Amy” series, you’ll be excited to learn she has several YouTube episodes¬†where she tackles all kinds of topics from stress to body image. Not only is Amy a completely hilarious and skilled actress, she lays down some seriously great advice that comes from her own experiences.

In her latest episode, Amy discusses several tips for getting through those awkward social events we all end up dealing with. If you are curious about how Amy deals with social anxiety, head over to The Frisky to view the episode and gain some valuable insight from the celeb plus a quick tip from Aubrey Plaza!

How awesome is Amy’s advice? Do any of you freak out in those uncomfortable social situations?




    1. gartesian says:

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      I saw this anxiety video yesterday and I thought of sending it to someone I know with high levels of anxiety, but I didn’t think they’d appreciate it as much as I did.

    2. From my studies and clinical examples, people with social anxiety are dealing with personal stress that weights them down and external factors such as work or career can add to that anxiety.

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