The Most Amazing “How-To” Video You Will Ever Watch [Friday Video]

Do you like whiskey? Do you like mustaches? I do. Seriously, my go-to bar drink is a whiskey sour. But according to this gentleman, that is the improper way to enjoy a nice whiskey. Look, I thought I was a whiskey connoisseur but I, alas, am not. This man – on the other hand – is a scholar of all things whiskey. He explains the best ways to drink whiskey and is absolutely mesmerizing. The best part of this whole video: I’m pretty sure he’s not joking. He takes his whiskey dang seriously.

Try and get through it without laughing. I dare you. You don’t need the water, because it’s liquid gold.

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    2. AnnaLaura says:

      Boy, does that bring back memories of my grhmdnotaer and great aunt. It was made the same way (sans icing lemon, however) and it makes the BEST TOAST YOU WILL EVER TASTE! I haven’t made it in years, but you have made me think about making some now.

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