Getting to Know Christian LaBella, LiLo’s Alleged Attacker

Saturday night, Lindsay Lohan alleged that she had been assaulted by 25-year-old Christian LaBella, after she had argued with him over taking cellphone pictures of her earlier that night.

Now who exactly is Christian LaBella? Lindsay and several of her friends had invited him over to their hotel after meeting at a trendy nightclub in Chelsea, before the alleged assault occurred. He was arrested that night, but charges were subsequently dropped; followed by both parties filing harassment complaints.

Upon looking further into LaBella’s life, there are some interesting facts you can find out about the co-star to Lohan’s latest real-life drama.

What’s your take on all the drama? Do you think Lindsay is blowing this out of proportion? Does Christian seem like he would strangle the star of Disney’s The Parent Trap?

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    1. fabulouslyawkwardgirl says:

      This is why I hate most humans. Get it together, people!

    2. ADad says:

      The pug is named Ritzy

    3. Jaime says:

      Honestly, whether he did it or not, I'm amazed that a blog written by modern women is featuring this article. He's attractive, successful, and of an upper class, white background so he couldn't possibly have been violent towards Lindsey, right? Is that really the message you want to send to college aged women, many of whom have been assaulted sexually or physically by men in this demographic and as we all know are often too intimidated to seek help? Great way to alienate a good percentage of your key demographic. This article is a new low for CollegeCandy in my opinion and warrants an apology to your young adult female readers.

      1. Alex- University of South Carolina says:

        Jaime, if you read the post you'll find that nowhere does she say that LaBella is not guilty. In fact, she does not come down on one side or the other — this is merely a review of some facts about his life.

        In no way does CollegeCandy support violence towards women, and this article does not deviate from that statement.

    4. Hayley says:

      Completely agree with Jaime. Ridiculous article. Whether or not this happened, you trying to justify him by saying he went to college, knows the kardashians… and has a dog means he couldn't POSSIBLY attack a woman. Wow. Not what I expect from CC.

      1. Alex- University of South Carolina says:

        What statement did Katie make that lead you to believe she was "justifying" him?

    5. Meghan says:

      The fact that this article – and this idea – is floating around the internet is extremely upsetting. Regardless of whether or not Labell committed any crime, the culture of victim-blaming should never be perpetuated by blogs/media/news organizations – it's just too damaging to the victim at hand or other victims, and the benefit of the few clicks you'll get off this story isn't worth the image you're perpetuating. Frankly, I'm disappointed, College Candy, and I won't be reading anymore.

      1. Alex- University of South Carolina says:

        What image are we perpetuating, Meghan? Katie did not interject her opinion anywhere in this post. These are merely facts about LaBella.

    6. Katie Q. says:

      I am extremely disturbed by this article. To question the validity of the assault allegations Lindsay Lohan made against LaBella in such a demeaning way is the exact reason why violence against women is so perverse in our culture. Regardless of Lohan’s oftentimes erratic behavior, it is completely ridiculous to claim that LaBella couldn’t possibly be someone who assaults women because he’s an attractive male who takes cute pictures with puppies or because he works with a U.S. congressman. In doing so, you are contributing to the myth that the only men who harm women are crazed psychopaths living on the outskirts of society. The statistic that one in every four women will experience domestic abuse at some point in her lifetime proves otherwise. A man who assaults a woman can be a husband, boyfriend, established businessmen, and yes, even a childhood actor.

      When you minimize Lohan’s claims, you’re minimizing the experiences of women who are survivors of assault everywhere. If a celebrity can’t be believed about her potential experience with assault, how can you expect woman have the confidence that she will be believed when reporting or telling her story? An online publication that has an audience of mainly college women must realize that college aged women are among the most vulnerable to interpersonal violence. As a student journalist myself, I’m absolutely appalled to see how an article like this could even make it through the first edit without being thrown in the garbage. Next time, please take your morals and audience into account before you post something just to generate more web traffic.

      1. ahoytherekatie says:

        I am not questioning the claims Lindsay has made against Christian, I think part of what makes the situation so interesting to people is that his background is not what one may suspect of attacking a high-profile celebrity like Lindsay Lohan. That said, anyone has the potential to attack anyone, regardless of their background; this article is simply to get to know the man currently involved in the allegations. Not once in this article did I claim that Lindsay fabricated her story. This is not an opinion piece.

    7. Mel says:

      I don't get it. I don't want to know anything about him.😄

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