5 Foods That Set The Mood

As a lover of all things yummy, I am all about foods to help people get in the mood for some sexy times. If nothing else, it’s an excuse to eat something delicious before you..well…eat something delicious. Okay, so that was a bad joke, but on a date – I’m going to make sure my guy orders something that will get him excited, so that we can go home and burn off all the calories. David Bazirgan, executive chef, weighed in on some of the sexiest aphrodisiac foods they serve on their Valentine’s Day menu. I am equal parts hungry and turned on. YourTango dishes on the sexiest dishes here. I should really stop with the puns, but really – check it out.

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    1. djnemec says:

      With a description like "sea urchin ovaries", how can I resist?

    2. Cierra Jordyn says:

      When it come to the weight it depends on my mood but i usually lift the max weight that i can, but when i'm sore i tend not to.

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