17 Reasons Honey Boo Boo is Better Than You

Love her or hate her, you know who Honey Boo Boo is. She’s a seven year-old former pageant girl, who won the hearts, as well as the criticism, of millions of Americans. Her show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is one of the highest rated shows TLC has ever had. She’s doing the most and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Here comes 17 Reasons Honey Boo is Better Than You.



    1. I LOVVE Honey Boo Boo Child. She's funny and chubby.

      1. Matthew says:

        Dude, you're retarded.

    2. Billie says:

      She's seven, not eight.

    3. Buttmuncher says:

      Fat and annoying. I know a lot of Midwestern women like that.

    4. sam says:

      For the umpteenth time, CollegeCandy, can you please stop writing these "better than you" articles? They are REALLY stupid and meaningless.

    5. Skuzzlebutt says:

      Shoot it in the face, and kill it with fire!!!

    6. Jim says:

      A child who became famous for nothing more than the ridiculous nature of her family will never be better than me. I understand that you are probably writing this with a degree of humor in mind, but this article is really terrible. I'm sorry that collegecandy.com feels it necessary to generate readership and views by posting such untalented dribble.

    7. Jimmy says:

      This is only a list of why America is more disgusting and pathetic. Not because she exists, but because she is fully supported by the average american.
      Honey Boo Boo Child is more popular than the state of the country.
      Not surprising, thinking is hard.

      1. benmesser says:

        agree 100 fucking percent. im american and lately i have really started being ashamed of it especially because i dont live in the us…. seriously wtf is this shit?! it makes me want to kill my self

      2. DownScale says:

        The Average American doesn't support this crap. It's the networks that would rather put crap TV (reality TV) out for a nickle instead of actually developing real entertainment. Then the same organizations cover it as "Information" in the news to pretty much just give themselves a free commercial for crap no one cares about to begin with.

    8. Sean Feehan says:

      You're kidding me right? There's nothing better about this fat inbred pile of horseshit, her mother has a million necks and condones neglect by forcing sugar and shit down her children's throats because she's too pathetic to give her children proper nutrition, on top of that ? Gay rights activist? What an immoral, ungodly heathen… Her mother needs to go kill herself and send the body to ethiopia, they'll be able to eat for years off that fat whale.

    9. Mel says:

      omg…. comparing her to shirley temple is like comparing her mother to an anorexic Mary-Kate Olsen. and that juice sh*t is half energy drink and half caffeine drink. Who the F gives that to a kid?! thats not even safe for adults, the amount she consumes… Girls gonna have a heart-attack by the time she's 15.

    10. fat and ugly just like her mummy

    11. Matthew says:

      Let's analyze this, shall we?
      1. Just because she's eight doesn't mean anything. There are younger, more talented people in the world than her.
      2. The only reason she has such good ratings is because people have no taste anymore. The fact that she got better ratings than the RNC is actually more a humanity fail.
      3. She's an aunt because her family is white trash rednecks.
      4. The fact that they're living off coupons just reinforces the other fact that they're lazy white trash.
      5. I don't care how much money you make, when you make it for being stupid and ignorant, it just means that you're stupid and ignorant.
      6. No one cares that she has a signature drink. That's like saying Michael Jackson had a signature dance.
      7. Her sisters have crazy (i.e. stupid) names because, again, they're white trash.
      8. No one cares what Tina Fey thinks. Unless she watches it just to laugh at the people.
      9. RuPaul is a no-talent hack just looking for another 15 minutes of fame.
      10. Just because a lot of people are going as her for Halloween just means, again, that a lot of people have no taste. And, while we're on the subject, looking like her isn't difficult; just go as a redneck hick.
      11. No one cares what Rosie O'Donnell thinks. At all.
      12. No. Just…no. Shirley Temple was the epitome of talent and class. Comparing her to Honey f***ing Boo Boo is like saying Lindsay Lohan is the next Megan Fox.
      13. I don't normally watch South Park, but I do know that if they make fun of you, it's for a reason. It's not an honor, they're just making fun of you.
      14. She's not a "sassy lass," she's a spoiled brat who knows that a.) she's young enough for people to think she doesn't know any better, and b.) that no one will discipline her because she's famous.
      15. Again, having a second, equally crappy show just means that people have no taste anymore. Kind of like the Jersey Shore spin-off with Snooki and J-Woww.
      16. Saying, "Everyone's a little gay," doesn't make you an activist.
      17. Alias is a fancy word for nickname. I had an alias when I was eight. Having one doesn't make you special.
      Conclusion: Honey Boo Boo is the biggest television fail since Jersey Shore. She's not an intellectual, she's not some modern day guru offering profound philosophies into life, she is a white trash brat who has the sense to know that she can babble anything she wants, and have millions of people fawn over her.

      1. You're so damn right at every single word you wrote! Finally there are people out there who still have the taste of what beauty and talented is!

      2. ithurtswhenipee says:

        Well done analysis, except for for number 12. While true, Lilo is not the next Meagan Fox (didn't Fox hit Hollywood AFTER Lohan?), being Meagan Fox is nothing special either.

      3. Fatin says:

        Um, it's called sarcasm. You pissed the point of the article.

    12. Sinthia says:

      HAHAHA……no. What the hell have you been smoking? Unlike this child and the rest of her possibly inbred family, I work my ass off to earn my money. My job actually serves a purpose. Give it a few years, and Honey Boo Boo will be long forgotten, while I still have my job.

    13. DownScale says:

      Why is a little down syndrome midget-looking kid important? Oh that's because the American Media would rather plaster you with horse$h!7 news that real information about how we're being screwed over via congress and other government bodies. Thanks!

    14. DownScale says:

      Just keep on sleeping America. Watch this kind of crap while your country is ruined right behind Honey Boo Boo.

    15. Ryan says:

      Honey booboo is not better than anything. she is a white trash train wreck because of her ignorant rube parents. And as we well know, everyone loves a train wreck. Thats why reality television exists

    16. […] this month I was asked to write the post, “17 Reasons Honey Boo Boo is Better Than You.” I had never written a “Better Than You” post but I knew that they were some of the most […]

    17. Thomas says:

      I feel really sad for Honey Boo Boo. it's not her fault that her mom is a fat, lazy, "will do anything for fame", white-trash kinda person. I don't care how she chooses to live her life, but what's really pissing me of is the fact that she turned an innocent child into a monster like Honey Boo Boo. That's right up there with child abuse!

      – Thomas, Denmark

    18. ARI says:

      Tiffany, I don't mean to be a bitch but if you're going to write, make sure you check yourself. It was hard enough to start reading this with an open-mind considering the title but "whose won the hearts" just made it even harder.

      1. Tiffany-University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill says:

        Well thank you! I guess it slipped past the eyes of my editor and me. I changed it though, so hopefully that made it more readable.

    19. Moose says:

      Wow I cannot believe all of you are slamming a little girl like that! What the fuck is wrong with you. I'm sure that more than half of you would have been so excited if you got to be on tv. Clearly people are going to watch what they want and as long as it entertains them then get over yourselves. You are the people that make me sick not a caring family who has personality that is entertaining. Fuck off and find something better to complain about, idiots.

      1. Ron says:

        Moose, can't agree with you more. These pretensious snobs whose senses are taken aback can't see the love and respect and openess of this family. If they go down in flames, they'll do it holding unto each other.

      2. AMY says:


    20. CommonSense says:

      OK, fair enough. Now here are 999,983 reasons why any random person is likely better than the pig-child

    21. GUEST says:

      Saw this show for the first time today. Made me ashamed I live in GA. I can't believe they had to use subtitles for people to understand them. They must not be too stupid because they understand each other.

      And while I'm sickened by the show, I"ll have to say, it took the kardashian much longer to get their own white trash show. I see a new trend in America. God help us. People use to be famous because they were special. Now they are special because they are famous. Boo Boo just started earlier then the rest, but she is just as talentless.

      I just wish I had not spent the 10 minutes watcing Boo Boo. I'll never be able to get those images out of my head. And while it was only 10 minutes of my life wasted, I'll suffer PTSD forever now.

    22. Tracy says:

      this child should come and live with me. I would gladly assist her family in teaching her how to behave as a young gurl of the new millenium. SHe needs a proper diet of wholesome food, at least 70 minutes of physical activity, time with children her own age, companionship and caring for a dog or cat, and consequences when she behaves innapropriately in public. Her parents seem naive and don't know to act in public. Her mother needs to assess her health issues with her weight problem of obsity, as does her child, Honey. The mother should learn how to self actualize and get some high school and college education for the sake of her other family members and all of the family could use some social instruction on what is socially interact with media and fellow society; just saying; as this family fails in society as success even if they got a raise; fail

    23. dancer says:

      Note to self: how not to parent…. (although, really, that pretty much ought to be commmon sense.)and.

      I’v never seen the show, and I don’t intend to, partly because I think it’s a pointless waste of time and partly because I don’t want to give them an “ooh, another viewer” boost. I also do not approve of child pagents, annd refuse to have anything to do with anything that is related to them. (Also, I just realized that TLC is a cable channel, and we don’t have cable, so I can’t watch it anyways.)

      I’m don’t think she’s fat, and I’m not opposed to kidd being healthily chunky. It certainly beats being anorexic. However, from some of the comments on here I gather that she’s not learning to watch what she eats properly.

      There’s nothing wrong with using coupons, or even being proud of the fact that you do. Many people (though probably not people whose kids have reality shows) need to use coupons because they simply can’t afford full price on everything they need. Even the people who make enough to pay full price like to have some saved up in case of emergency, and it’s good to get into the habit of trying to be frugal. Even the money from a reality show obly lasts 20 years or so afterr the show finishes, so being used to trying to save money is good.

      I wonder howw much of what she says about gays and such is her feelings, and how much is what her mom tells her to say. An eight year old should not know about people being gay, how babies are made (except perhaps for “a part from mommy and a part from daddy met, and the baby grew from that”, which is what my parents told me when I was 9 and my sister was born), etc. They’re just not ready for that yet. I bet almost everything she said about that, she got from whoever explained it to her. She’s too young to think it through yet.

    24. Ashton says:

      Saying that Honey Boo Boo is the only person from toddlers and tiaras to have 2 reality shows is a lie! Eden Woods had a show called Eden's World

    25. Lalo says:

      For #12 i have no idea why they mentioned Shirley Temple because she will never be anything close as talented as her she is a failure as a beauty pageant queen and shirley temple actually had talent and actually worked with celebs back them, people loved shirley because she had an amazing voice and honey boo boo just walks around parading in many different dresses with a shit load of fucking caffine and energy drinks in her system and everybody likes her because she looks like a fucking whore in mini skirts and other stuff and because America has lost their fucking minds in their interests for t.v ( i know its rough but its the goddamn truth

    26. Ashlee E. says:

      Wow, what an ugly child. She won beauty pageants?

    27. Ashley says:

      Honestly I'm not slamming Honey Boo Boo or saying she's white trash because i don't know the girl and she's like other little girls out there. but i would not, i repeat NOT want my little girl on a reality show wearing those skimpy outfits when she should be doing what most 8 year olds should be doing like coloring, playing dolls, video games, etc. if my daughter were more older and mature for that sort of thing then maybe… but not when she's an innocent 8 year old child and there are sick child predators out there watching her. i'd be sick to my stomach

    28. snooke says:

      there are absolutely zero reasons why honey boo boo is better than me

    29. You were a slow reader if you were just getting to chapter books at age eight. The people who love her are sick. And she is NOT a Shirley temple. Shirley temple was a cute little girl with LOADS of talent. Chick can't win a glitz or natural beauty pageant and has NO manners.

    30. Sveta says:

      Are people really bashing the little girl? I hate "reality TV". It is trash. I don't like the exploitation of children parading around in a face full of makeup, fake hair, and sexualized outfits… But it's a hell of a lot more shameful to have adults degrade a child.

    31. Kristie says:

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    32. Lucas Farney says:

      You just pointed out 17 completely irrelevant reasons why she is better than me (and she is still not better than me) but I have one reason (at least) why I am better than her: I am not a retarded child who is probably going to overdose on sugar and die by the age of 15.

    33. willie g says:

      Her and her red neck family are nasty ass red necks with no manners no respect and most of all no damn teeth

    34. willie g says:

      But my two year old neice seems to have made this her favorite show

    35. Sapoak says:

      How did shit like this get famous

    36. Honestly, this is a child, and she's too young to be famous, for make up and everything… I mean, she's 7 years old:/ There is always time for that and pretty dresses and make up. This – is too much

    37. Kevin says:

      Really??!! Well you just lost your time doing this, i mean, it´s absurd. And Tina Fey an RuPaul?? Really, what world do you live in?

      Your'e an idiot…

    38. Joe says:

      I blocked TLC due in large part to this show. TLC has no business calling themselves The Learning Channel nor being anywhere near channels like Discovery and Science in the program guide.

    39. @CoCoSeltzer says:

      If Honey Boo Boo is better than me because she's going to drop dead from an obesity-related heart attack at 23 years old, after she's given birth to her 7th kid in a trailer park, then you know what? It's good to be an underachiever.

      And I agree with "Joe" – TLC is also blocked in my house. This garbage, along with all the other crap they have, is not something my children should see.

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    41. emily says:

      well i think reading chapter books and learning cursive is a lot more impressive than losing beauty pageants. last time i checked honey boo boo has only done one of those things and it will likely remain that way for the next 3 years. at the very least.

    42. Lois says:

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    43. Jenny says:

      It’s not actually Honey Boo boo that makes me shudder – it’s every time I see her mum. O-o

    44. El Cid says:

      I went through 17 slides and didn't get one example of why she was better than me…outside of her weekly income I guess.

    45. Samantha says:

      i dont think that is at all appropriate to call a seven year old child who is confident in her appearance a "ugly fat whore" shes seven for gods sake. and then you go and call her "trailer trash" does that mean you consider everyone that lived in a trailer trashy? thats offensive to so many people and to put that online especially when your talking about a seven year old child. i understand you dont like the show but to go out of your way to call her a whore by five is completely uncalled for.

    46. litteboo says:

      she's better than me? idk maybe I'm mean but I think I must be very bad if she's better than me.what she's an aunt?and what I am too and of three kids.ione of them is only seven and she's amazing actress,dancer and girl.and she's normal,that's it.I think honey boo boo is only mean,sassy,ugly when not wearing make up… I know a lot of girlswho are better than her,even younger,and they don't have stupid tv shows.i ve seen her show and I think she's normal lil girl who wants to have fun

    47. Amanda says:

      Y'all quit hatin on that girl
      She is so confident with herself how ever she looks and that the most beautiful thing anyone can have!!!

    48. David says:

      To make a statement, seventeen reasons why honey boo boo is better than me is ethically and morally bankrupt. She and her family, the producers and the people who watch this show is at the heart of why the US is at the bottom if the industrialized nation in education, graduation rates and standardized testing.

      I’ve been a police officer most of my adult life. I’ve put away murderers, rapist, pedophiles, etc. I even almost lost my life protecting a females from a gang rape. So if you think there is even one reason why this fat, stupid girl and family are better than me, call them the next and every time you have an emergency.

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