Is Bieber Getting a Taste of the College Lifestyle?

A photo has been circling the web that shows the ¬†innocent teen pop sensation, Justin Bieber, playing a game of beer pong. Although Bieber is 18 now, the owner of the photo claims it was taken one year ago, when Justin would have been 17 years old — below the drinking age in Bieber’s home country of Canada.

View the article and photo here.

So what do you all think about JB’s shenanigans? Is Bieber going to become another over-partying celeb? Or is this just normal teenage behavior? Although this photo may not surprise you, you have to wonder what effect this will have on his target audience.

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    1. Molly - UNL says:

      He could be playing the game but not drinking? I mean..benefit of the doubt…right? Also.. I was probably drinking at 17. Oops.

    2. kate says:

      Pretty sure everyone was drinking at 17, I know I sure was (I was in college by then haha). And 18 is still below drinking age in parts of Canada, just sayin'.

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