Would You Buy a Champagne Facials Poster?

Well Kirill is back. He’s taken his Champagne Facials to the next level. He’s turning his infamous photos of girls being blasted in the face with champagne into posters and selling them. That’s right, for just $10 a pop you can buy an 18″ x 24″ picture of a pretty girl getting doused with champagne.

For those of you that aren’t aware of the internet phenomenon known as Champagne Facials, it’s about as offensive as it sounds. The basic gist of it is a guy walking around clubs with a camera, opening a bottles of champagne and shooting photos as he pours the bottles all over girls’ faces and boobs. It sounds relatively harmless, however the pictures are reminiscent of a very specific and sometimes taboo act more commonly seen in porn. Also, if you’re wondering exactly what type of person would walk around a club taking pictures of these “champagne facials”, of course CC sat down with Kirill earlier in the year for an interview. He’s calm, cool, collected and also kind of a douche.

I know his “art” is pretty controversial, but I found the item description for the poster to be the most offensive thing in his new online store:

“Over the years, KirillWasHere has aimed his lens and countless bottles of champagne at drunk sluts all over the world… and now you can finally celebrate your love for Champagne Facials with this gorgeous full-color glossy poster!”

Slut shaming, not okay. However, I don’t find the pictures themselves offensive. They are no more offensive that the Girls Gone Wild commercials that appear on TV late at night. In fact, I think they’re less offensive. The girls appearing in the pictures on his site are of age. None of them are minors. None of them are naked. In fact, they are wearing more clothes than most Victoria’s Secret models. I understand the connotations behind the pictures, but hi! These girls are more than happy to pose for the pictures. They are just having fun. I’ve seen worse things on my Spring Break. I don’t know, I just don’t see the harm in consenting adults taking a few sexually suggestive pictures.

No one is being forced to look at the photos, no one is being forced to appear in the photos, in all actuality it’s harmless. I’ve seen worse posters hanging up in the basements of college fraternities. Is the trend stupid? Sure. I wouldn’t pose for one. I wouldn’t want champagne all over my clothes. But am I offended? Absolutely not.

What do you think of the new Champagne Facials poster? Wildly offensive toward women, or simply the snapshots of a consensual good time?

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    1. lupelobo says:

      I honestly think it's to set the mood. Guys would buy more likely to pay if they have a dirty image for the girls. Not only that, I do not think it's slut shaming at all. Slut shaming would be more, "sluts are digusting!"… Something SHAMEFUL. He's just using the using the word as a means of marketing.

    2. lilly says:

      Are the girls in the pictures getting paid too? You'd think they'd get some of the profit and have to agree to it.

    3. jessepants178 says:

      This is harmless. If these girls didn't want to be seen like this, they wouldn't take pictures like this. If it's because they are drunk, then don't drink so much that you cant control your actions. Being drunk is not an excuse. It's more of an open door for those who are smart enough to go through it. Kirill was smart enough to start Champagne Facials and I think it's awesome.

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