These Couples Look More Like Twins [Photos]

You know how sometimes you accidentally wear the same thing as your roommate or boyfriend? I’m guilty of it, but it’s completely by accident. In some cultures it’s actually show as the ultimate sign of commitment to dress in matching clothes with your significant other. Well, we found some stellar photos of couples who are dressed together on purpose. It’s tacky and cheesy and all sorts of wonderful.

What are your thoughts on matching outfits?

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    1. Margo says:

      Most of these photos were from the same Reddit thread and it's all Korean couples. I was hoping for different pictures.

    2. Ariel says:

      ….why did you guys choose basically all korean couples? that's the same as saying all "insert race here" people look the same. Which they don't. I would have appreciated seeing a more diverse selection and kind of expect that from this site.

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    4. james says:

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    5. Fuck My Asshole says:

      Why are they all Asian????

    6. titi says:

      In Korea, China, and Japan, wearing matching outfits is a common way for couples to broadcast their couple status. fyi.

    7. Jessica says:

      wow. you know, you could have increased the diversity a little, would have been nice.

    8. Booya says:

      Asians are so fucking wierd.

    9. They call me La La says:

      Black couples wear matching outfits where I am from. It means… don't mess with him… I dress him… just like his mama used to … I'm in charge!

    10. pamella says:

      it's so cute

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